Too much of a good thing?

Last year when we nearly ran out of wood I phoned Pascal and asked if he could deliver 2 steres to tide us over. Maybe  there were crossed wires or language difficulties but he  brought 4 and it woulsn’t have been easy to send some back.

However, our other woodman had already taken an order for 5 stere to be delivered ‘in the Spring’.  Sure enough, he rang last week to announce that the wood would be coming on Friday evening.

Jay and I worked hard to put all the remaining wood outside at the back to make room for the delivery. Some went along the wall

and the rest was plonked on the bank.

That evening the delivery was emptied outside the garage

but we were too tired to move any more than was necessary to close the garage door.

The next morning I started at 8 o’clock and did the first layers but Jay and  CC  took over to do the ‘high bit’ and finished just before lunchtime.

But there were still the extra large and oddly shaped logs left so I used some as decoration:

and made a ‘wood sculpture’  in the corner of the front garden. OK, it’s just a heap of old logs but I think it’s much more attractive than Tracey Emin’s bed!


2 Responses to “Too much of a good thing?”

  1. guyana gyal Says:

    Haha, you can build a chicken run with this.

  2. Z Says:

    You’ll have to keep a ladder there to get them down again – no good taking the easy way out and pulling a few from the middle of the pile! Still, you won’t need any more wood for a year or two and it’ll be beautifully dry.

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