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The Chicks’ Progress

May 5, 2010

They’ve only been here a couple of days yet I’m convinced they’ve grown already. They are certainly more sef-assured and protested vehemently when I put them in a cardboard box while I cleaned their cage. I was warned that even small chicks create a pong but I didn’t know they would use their food and water dispensers as a toilet. They need cleaning  several times a day (the dispensers not the chickens) and this results in a certain amount of wasted pellets.

They haven’t really learned what they can or can’t eat and now that the wood chips have been removed they try to eat their droppings and tear up the newspaper as well. I put in some groundsel for them to play with and they do enjoy pecking at it.

There hasn’t been any evidence of bullying so far but some of them are flexing their wings and jumping on top of the heater.

As for the cats, they have been much better than I thought. They are interested but not agressive.

However, I’m not confident enough to leave them unsupervised in the conservatory with the chicks at night.

I could spend ages peering at the chicks and find them fascinating but the rest of the family remain fairly indifferent.

Perhaps they’ll have a change of  attitude  but for now they are asking,  “How much longer do they have to stay indoors?”