Summoned to the Gendarmerie

While Jay and I were taking Rosemary back to Brussels a letter came asking us to present ourselves at the Gendarmerie at 14:30 on April 15th. We assumed it was about the problems our postlady has been having with a neighbour but I must admit, it crossed my mind that it could be something more serious – a driving offence perhaps?

I needn’t have worried because when we arrived this afternoon, a very pleasant young lady gendarme let us in and asked how she could help us.

“We’ve been summoned to see Mr Gendarme Martin” I said.

“That’s me,” she smiled and after keeping us waiting a few minutes she took us through to a small office where we squeezed in between the files to sit  in front of her desk.

I plonked the large English-French dictionary on the corner of the desk in case we had translation problems but she took our statements and typed quickly as we spoke. Jay preferred to say it in English and have me translate but she didn’t find that a problem.

Neither of us could remember the date or the exact time of the incident so she must have thought we were pretty useless witnesses. She finished by asking each of us if we had ever had any problems with the postlady or the neighbour in question and we both said that the postlady was always smiling and charming but also had to admit that we had never, personally had any difficulties with the man opposite. She printed out what she had typed ( correcting my grammatical errors) and we read and signed them.

Claudine, our neighbour, has also been summoned but she says she dare not get mixed up in it because it wouldn’t do to get on the wrong side of Mr M.  Oh well, we’ll have to wait and see if he decides to put a brick thorugh our window.


3 Responses to “Summoned to the Gendarmerie”

  1. Little old me Says:

    he wouldn’t be that daft would he?

  2. Pat Says:

    That’s brave and commendable. We are lost if we don’t make a stand against bullies.

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