Bitten by a Rat(?)

Some of the cats dashed indoors all of a sudden but Willow sat transfixed on the steps outside the conservatory.

I went out to investigate and saw this ratlike creature cowering in the corner at the bottom of the steps. As I went to pick Willow up it went for me and landed on my foot ready to take a bite.

I grabbed it by the tail but it twisted itself up and bit my finger. Naturally I dropped it but it squealed angrily and junped a couple of feet in the air obviously feeling threatened.

All I could thnk of was to make a lot of noise as this litle creature was pretty courageous and rather fierce for its size so I was pleased when it ran behind some large stones to hide.

My finger was bleeding but I took Willow indoors and then went to find Holly but she ran off.  Meanwhile CC came to the window and watched the little creature as it moved around behind the stone.

It was the size of a small rat but it didn’t have a pointed snout and it’s eyes were larger and set more forward than a rat’s.  However, it had two very prominent front teeth and I can vouch for their sharpness.

After cleaning and disinfecting the bite I rang the doctor to see if there was a danger of infectious diseases. Having ascertained that the wound wasn’t deep enough to require her attention she told me to report to the hospital this morning and to ring the secretary first.

Bear duly drove me there at 8.30 and I had to go to ‘Admissions’ to show my Carte Vitale, Insurance card and passport. I was given some papers to take to the outpatients clinic and we waited there until the doctor arrived just after nine.

The was a young lady who went in first and then it was my turn.

He assured me that there was no danger of rabies from rodents so an injection wouldn’t be necessary but as they could carry rather nasty diseases he has given me a weeks supply of antibiotics – with a warning that one of the side effects could be diarrhea. Great: we’re hoping to go out and about this weekend when my other sister comes to stay.


7 Responses to “Bitten by a Rat(?)”

  1. tracey lilly Says:

    Perhaps it was a variety of ‘French’ rat!

    • sablonneuse Says:

      I’ve described it to a French chap who knows about wild animals and he suggested a ‘fouine’ (stone marten) or a ‘belette’ (weasel) but it desfnitely wasn’t either of them.

  2. Little old me Says:

    Keep a big stick by the door and give it a smack next time

  3. Z Says:

    Ew – how horrible. Let’s hope it doesn’t come back (but if it does, do take a photo).

  4. Pat Says:

    You’re so brave!

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