The Energy Healer

You may be wondering why Rosemary signs  her comments as The Energy Healer so perhaps I should say something about this aspect of my sister but I hope she will leave a comment if I’ve given the wrong impression or misinterpreted anything.

She told me our dad was a healer  – ( I have to admit this surprised me) – and that she, too had trained to be an energy healer because she had always been interested in the way he could help people.

After telling her about my battles with high blood pressure during the course of our communications I was pleased, one morning to find that it had gone down for no apparent reason. You can imagine my amazement when I later read my emails and hers began:

“Hope you don’t mind, but I sent you some energy last night . . .”

It didn’t stay low for long, though but I  have to admit it didn’t go up into the 190’s as it had done. Rosemary said it would be better if we arranged a time so that I’d know about it and could be in a relaxed and receptive frame of mind.

However,  that wasn’t as easy as it seemed. We decided I would call her one evening and then go and make myself comfortable on the bed.

But, would you believe it, after feeling the excitement of anticipation all day I fell asleep in front of the telly and was woken by the beeps of  my mobile when she texted me!

Covered in confusion I tried to settle down on the bed but despite the fact that I had told Bear what was going on he came bumbling in a few minutes later, turned the light on and announced he was coming to bed.

So I went back in the living room and relaxed on the armchair. Guess what – Bear came through, switched on the light and started talking about this and that (I really can’t remember what it was).

I gave up, rang Rosemary and explained the difficulties.

“Oh well, it wasn’t meant to be”  was her calm response.

Nevertheless I have personal experience that distance  energy healing definitely works and Rosemary told me how she had sent energy to a friend’s daughter after she told her that she had been ill for several days with some sort of virus.

It seems her friend went home and found the little girl had suddenly recovered so she accused her of putting it on to get out of school. She later read an email from Rosemary telling her that she had sent some healing energy at the exact time  her daughter got better.

Obviously, I wanted to talk to Rosemary about this subject but it is far from easy to understand. She explained that we are made up of energy like everything else on and including the Earth.  What she said was fascinating but difficult to get my head round. To really understand it takes serious study and commitment. I’d like to delve into it but have to admit I’m lazy about devoting the time and self discipline required although I have read some of the books and articles she has recommended.

It wasn’t possible for the two of us to get away from the family for long but Rosemary did give me  a session of Chakra healing. This involved working her way up from my feet to my head. The strange part about this was that there were times when it felt as though she had more than two hands. She explained that the angels and spirit guides could often join in and lots of people had this experience.

Among the presents she brought over were some crystals for calming and since wearing them I have to say my blood pressure has behaved much better.  No doubt the Healing session played a big part as well.

The next thing I’d like to try is meditation but, for me, it’s really difficult to get into the right frame of mind. Maybe I’ll have to wait until I see Rosemary again.


9 Responses to “The Energy Healer”

  1. tracey lilly Says:

    Can she send me some energy please as I haven’t had enough to bath with for nearly 8 months!
    Don’t need to understand how it works as long as it does!

  2. Vagabonde Says:

    This is a very interesting post. I believe that the brain can do so much and that if we would take the trouble we could heal many of our little ailments ourselves. I know meditation is good, but whenever I try it I fall asleep. Maybe you could ask Rosemary what to do so as not to fall asleep.

    • sablonneuse Says:

      Rosemary has given me some articles to read pn the subject but finding a place and time where I could not be disturbed is the first problem to overcome.

  3. Little old me Says:

    I also believe in this type of healing, I also believe in sending love, when I say to people I am sending love, I don’t just say it. I sit and think about them and send out the good warm feelings that love brings. I know some people think I am nutty, but I don’t care, whatever helps.

    • sablonneuse Says:

      Well, I don’t think you’re nutty, Helen. It’s good to hear from other people who think the same.

    • the energy healer Says:

      I don’t think your nutty either, it’s a shame more people aren’t sending loving energy to others and the world at this time.

  4. pat Says:

    Just catching up and so delighted your sister sounds such a good egg and what a bonus with her healing powers. I totally believe one can control blood pressure with calming treatments and meditation. I use daily prayers as a sort of meditation – ideally in the garden on a sunny day. And now you have another visit to look forward to. I hope it is as successful.
    BTW I shouldn’t advertise to Bear your sister’s healing powers lest he tries to monopolise her next visit.

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