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Counting down

March 21, 2010

The excitement is mounting as March 30th approaches because that’s the day Jay and I are going to meet one of my ‘new’ sisters at the railway station in Brussels and bring her home to stay with us for over a week.

We have been emailing on an almost daily basis and and speaking to each other for a good hour at a time on the phone. Despite this I’m sure we’ll still have loads to tell each other when we finally meet up in person.

Rosemary has sent me plenty of photos of the family I didn’t know, including several of our dad. It’s a great shame he died before I could see him but as he didn’t want to talk about my mum or me to his daughters perhaps it would have been difficult if I’d turned up in his life again. All the same, it is good to know that he had a very happy family life with his second wife and the girls.

Yesterday I had yet more good news when my other new sister rang to say that she, too, would like to come and meet me. It is very difficult for her to organise time off to coincide with her partner but they hope to have a long weekend in the middle of April when they can drive over and stay a few days.

Now I wonder when it will be possible to meet all my new cousins . . . . . . . . .