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Problems for the Postlady

March 19, 2010

Last week our postlady came to our house looking rather shaken because the man who lives opposite had accosted her verbally for no good reason.

She asked if Jay had heard what he was saying as he had been outside at the time.  He said he had understood the word “menteuse” (liar) but apart from the fact that there were angry words he didn’t know what it was all about. However, he agreed to be a witness if necessary as, it seems, this behaviour has been going on for a while now and the postlady was going to inform her boss.

Today, there was another fracas in the street. Jay called me to come quickly and there was the poor postlady trying to remain calm before our aggressive neighbour who had come up to her van shouting and gesticulating.

Another neighbour remained at his door, watching and listening, and Jay stood by incase intervention was required but I thought poor Chantal had had enough.

“Personne ne vous aime” (nobody likes you) he was shouting so I went up to her, put my arm round her, did the customary kisses and invited her to come and sit down in our house.

She was trembling but used our phone to call her boss and then had a cup of tea. It seems her boss had told her not to deliver registered letters or parcels to that particular house but to leave a notice in his letter box so that he’d have to collect them himself. If he hadn’t been informed of this directive I suppose one can understand his anger at not being given his mail but there was certainly no excuse for his violent behaviour.

About fifteen minutes later another post office van turned up with a police car close behind.

Chantal went out to see them and soon there was a little group of neighbours chatting with the Gendarme and the Post Office official.

We decided to keep out of it as there were plenty of witnesses who understood what was said.

I can’t see an easy solution for the Postlady as the chap opposite is a surly sort of character who is not the type to back down or apologise.

We’ll have to wait and see.