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The greenhouse

March 8, 2010

Ever since I had visions of growing vegetables I’ve longed for a greenhouse and this year I found a really good offer – a 10×8 foot ‘serre’  – at half price, end of line.

I ordered it and a couple of weeks later the courrier phoned to arrange delivery for March 4th. We put the package in Claudine’s garage to wait until Guy, another neighbour who had agreed to put it up, could come and unwrap it.

He turned up on Friday afternoon and among the packageing was the book of instructions stating that 2 people could assemble it in 2 or 3 hours.

But when I saw the heap of metal bars and sheets of corrugated plastic, not to mention hundreds of screws, I had my doubts.

And so did Guy.

He set to work with the help of Claudine’s son, Francois but after three hours all they had done was fix together the base and the metal corners  and attach two panels.

Guy was patient and methodical but did use the word “chiant” (shitty) a few times. It seems the main problem was that the screws and their holes would not line up.

They gave up at about 6 o’clock when it began to get dark and came back on Saturday morning.  After seven or eight hours grind most of the panels were in place but there was still a long way to go.

They spent all day Sunday on it – albeit with a prolonged lunch break – but it still isn’t quite finished.

Guy is there now, completing the roof and, hopefully will manage to put the doors in before  night sets in.

There must have been a misprint or mistranslation on the leaflet. Not 2 or 3 ‘heures’ but more like 2 or 3 ‘journees.’