Slight misunderstandings

We were nearly out of wood so I rang Pascal to see if he could bring some.

He came round the next evening and said that he thought we were avoiding him.

Why? Partly  because my daydream of a daughter had ignored his wife, Florence, when she walked past their house to the library one day and partly because I had bought some wood from another supplier when he only had oak left last year. (There’s nothing wrong with oak but, apparently, you shouldn’t burn it all the time).

Anyway, apologies and a taste of my special Christmas calvados later he was happy to oblige with a wood delivery.

However, was he taking his revenge when he brought 4 steres (4 cubic metres) instead of the 2 I thought I’d asked for? The garage is now full to bursting but there’s no harm in having a good stock of  logs. Problem is, the other man had  phoned and I’ve ordered more to be delivered in the Spring!

Now a little Whale tale:

He has a table in his room set out with kettle etc so he can make himself tea or coffee when he wants it. As we have very hard water I have to descale the kettles with vinegar every so often. Yesterday I put the vinegar in, turned it on and warned Whale not to use it.

Then I went off doing chores and forgot to empty the kettle.

About an hour later, Whale called me.

“Can I have some more milk. This bottle is off.”

Funny, I thought, it was fine on his cornflakes. Then the penny dropped. He had made himself a up of tea with vinegar and, not surprisingly, the milk had curdled when he added it.

And yes, he had said it smelled off but he hadn’t recognised that it was vinegar!


9 Responses to “Slight misunderstandings”

  1. Little old me Says:

    aww bless him

  2. Z Says:

    Poor Whale – good job he didn’t taste it.

  3. Keith Says:

    I’ve heard of lemon tea, elderflower tea, but vinegar tea! Must try it sometime; perhaps with just a dash of tomato ketchup in it?

  4. Pat Says:

    God ! Not enough you have to keep two men happy but the trades men also.

  5. canisfamiliaris Says:

    N’est pas du vinaigre utilisé comme agent de conservation? Pourrait faire la baleine quelque chose de bon, alors!!


  6. canisfamiliaris Says:


    La baleine à durer plus longtemps que l’ours? Bon Dieu!


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