Bear’s New Toy

Where have the last two weeks gone? New Year’s day feels like yesterday, and looking back,  there seems to be very little to report.

Of course,  I’ve had plenty of communication with my newfound family and my sister, R,  has arranged to come and stay at the end of March.  There have been conversations with my other sister, D, and three cousins, one of whom has sent me pages from the family tree and several photos have been exchanged.

Sometime before Christmas I answered a phone survey about arthritis and as soon as the celebrations were over a lady rang the doorbell and offered a no obligation demonstration of her electrotherapy machine.

“If you can give me an idea of the cost I’ll see if it’s worth yur while coming” I said.

But she smiled and said there was no problem and I should see if it helped. We made an appointment for the following week but I decided that Bear’s need was greater than mine so he was the guinea pig.

She attached the electrodes to his knee and  while it was working went through the sales pitch. It was the tried and tested method I remember quite well from the days when I was projectionist at a course for salespeople in Norwich.

The idea is that you convince your victim that they really need the item you are selling – you send up ‘trial balloons’  from time to time to see if they’re taking the bait and only at the very end do you slip in the price – with promises of easy payments.

I like to interrupt the salestalk and ask ‘how much?’ from time to time just to put them off but this lady was a cool customer and wouldn’t be distracted. Bear switched off from the conversation and I had to listen to the list of all the magnificent devices contained within this box.

The programme finished, the electrodes were removed and Bear got up and said how much better he felt.

A last, she talked money.  Only four thousand eight hundred euros!

“Sorry, but that’s out of the question”. I said.

“Oh but you can pay in instalments” she retorted.

“Absolutely not, thank you. We don’t want to take on any commitments like that.”

“Well we have another machine at 3,900 euros.”

“No  thank you”

“Or there’s one with only four programmes at 2.900.”

“No. If you had told me the price before you started I’d have said it was far too expensive for us.”

She packed up her goods, left us a booklet and the used electrodes and left with a parting shot:

“If you know anyone else who might be interested . . . .”

Now the price was ridiculous but the idea wasn’t so bad. After all, the physios use a similar gadget and having one for regular use at home could well be beneficial.

Bear was keen to find out and after a bit of research on the internet I came up with various possibilities – all at a fraction of the price quoted by our saleslady.

Next time the physio came for Whale I asked her advice. She recommended a make and helped me choose the right model. It arrived within three days and Bear has been using it daily.

Unfortunately he still gets mixed up with the controls and I invariably have to go to the rescue. I know when he’s in trouble because it squeaks or plays tunes but I hope he’ll get the hang of it soon.

And yes, I have tried it as well but am not sure if it’s helping. Maybe a few more sessions will make a difference.

I’d like to try the ‘relax’ mode on my neck and back and maybe the ‘fitness mode’ on my non-existent abdominal muscles but so far, haven’t had the opportunity.

The physio didn’t seem to think it would be much help for Whale but I wonder what Bear would say if I suggested he had a little go.

13 Responses to “Bear’s New Toy”

  1. Little old me Says:

    Just plug him in, he might enjoy it, haha

    Sometimes I think if you think it is doing you good it will, even if its not. You know what I mean

  2. bretonne Says:

    Ah yes, I’ve had one of those salespersonnes, on the phone, very persistant. I too tried to get a price out of her, and found similar difficulty, however, i explained I was a retraitée on very low income. She then requested chiffres from me which I gave her. There was a shocked silence. ” But nobody can live on that” she said and rang off. Who buys these things? from the actual salespeople I mean? The prices are just ludicrous!

  3. Vagabonde Says:

    I thought only in the USA there were aggressive salesperson, but it looks like they are everywhere.

  4. Keith Says:

    I think what you are talking about is a “Tens Machine”. I have one that I use on my athritic knee, and on the cat when he misbehaves! At full power I might add!

    These mahines cost £39 (€44) from Boots the chemist in our town, so no doubt you were being ripped off. At least you had the common sense to say “No!”

    • sablonneuse Says:

      Poor Dinky!! Yes, you’re right Keith, Ralph uses the Tens programme but there are other ones for relaxing muscles, improving circulation and other methods of pain relief (which I don’t yet understand) plus quite a few in ‘fitness’ mode which we may use one of these days. . . . .

  5. Pat Says:

    That sounds like a satisfactory conclusion and good on you for standing up to the Sales person. I hate dealing with them as half the time I crumble out of pity.

    • sablonneuse Says:

      I know what you mean, Pat, there’s a chap who comes round in a van (I call him the French Bettaware man) and I usually try to buy something from him because I feel sorry for him. However there were no regrets in sending this saleslady packing!

  6. canisfamiliaris Says:

    That saleswoman is nearly as dangerous as inviting Jehovah’s Witnesses into your home!!!

    BTW, Belated Happy New Year, Sandy. Been very busy. Hardly had time to update my own site!! Apologies.


  7. guyana gyal Says:

    A friend of mine suggested cod liver oil with omega 3 for my mother…now, she has zero pain. Happy healing, Sab. How are you?

  8. Little old me Says:

    Sandy where are you? Hope everything is OK it’s been along time

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