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Another New Year

January 2, 2010

We celebrated New Year’s Eve with a prolonged meal expertly managed by Jay so that it could finish at a few minutes before midnight with a champagne toast.

I had intended to see in the British  New Year an hour later but dozed off in the armchair!

Jay had started on the clearing up but I persuaded him he had done more than his share and we left the rest till the morning.

So, after a few minutes of head patting from Willow I dragged myself out of bed at 8 o’clock,  pulled on some clothes, promising myself a shower later, and got on with the chores:

Cleared a space in the kitchen, set dishwasher going, washed up glasses,  made a cup of tea,  walked neighbour’s dog, fed her fish, opened her shutters,  (she’s away for the week), came back to let the cats in and feed them and then Whale asked if there were some clean pants. They weren’t quite dry so I put a pair on his radiator to finish off.

In the meantime I started to wash the kitchen floor. Whale called me to help him change his pants.

“Can you wait a minute” I replied. But he couldn’t. He tried to stand up on his own and there was a crash followed by some loud swearing and shouting. He had fallen on his hip and was in an angry heap on the floor.

Bear came through to see what all the noise was about  and as he was obviously not in pain from anything broken we helped him sit up a bit and Bear supported him while I went to fetch CC and Jay. The four of us could not get him into his wheelchair so we had to call an ambulance.

Two hefty chaps lifted him easily and then examined him. His blood pressure was sky high, so despite Whale’s protests, they took him off to hospital for a check-up and x-rays.

He was back soon after lunchtime with a prescription for painkillers and the suggestion that he see our GP at the end of the week to see if his BP is back to normal.

Not to be outdone,  Bear went down with ‘flu symptoms (this happens quite frequently but usually only lasts a couple of days at most) and spent most of the day in the armchair complaining of being cold.  One could be forgiven for thinking he was putting it on but his bloodsugar was up and he lost his appetite so I’m sure it was genuine. Anyway, he felt much better by the evening.

Let’s hope the rest of the year goes a bit more smoothly than the first day.