Christmas 2009

So Christmas is over, once again, and we’re all trying to recover from the effects of over-indulgence – except that today is Whale’s birthday and Jay is cooking yet another feast.

My favourite memories of the last few days include several phonecalls with my newfound sister, family meals with Bear behaving reasonably well (although he has had one or two tantrums) and  the cats enjoying themselves and making the most of unusual toys;

There’s just New Years Eve to get through with another special meal and then it’s thoughts of diet once again.

Hope everyone of you had a really good Christmas and that 2010 will bring you everything you wish for, especially Health and Happiness.

8 Responses to “Christmas 2009”

  1. guyana gyal Says:

    I’m already checking out next year’s holidays, haha, we have so many.

  2. bretonne Says:

    Bonnee Annee to you and yours, Sandy – and if you get 5 mins on the computer, try looking for the Youtube” Kitten being fed with chopsticks” – absolutely adorable.

  3. Keith Says:

    Bonne Annee to you and yours, hope to see you in the Spring/Summer when I do my usual trip around France. Maybe meet up somewhere for a coffee other that at your house, unless Bear has mellowed a bit?

  4. Pat Says:

    Thank you for your good wishes. Don’t let your pussy cat get near my dormouse. I hope 2010 gives you lots of happy hours with your new found family.

  5. Susie Vereker Says:

    Lovely cat! Happy new year, Sandy.

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