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An amazing Christmas Present

December 23, 2009

If I gave you thirty guesses you would never  imagine the early Christmas present I’ve just had.

Would you believe it – I have discovered two half sisters I never knew about!

Maybe I’ve mentioned before that I never knew my father and my parents separated when I was a baby. It was a pretty acrimonious divorce: my mother refused my father any contact and even told me he wasn’t contributing to my support, when, in fact, he was until I was 16. She put the money in a Post Office Account and gave it to me years later.

Anyway, sometime ago I started a family tree on Genes Reunited and the day before yesterday I received a message from R who is the youger of my father’s two daughters with his second wife.

She sent me a photo  and it was amazing to look at her picture and say to myself,

“That’s my sister!”

She also sent me a family photo so that I could ‘meet’ my three nephews – really handsome lads.

We have already exchanged umpteen emails and some more photos and last night we talked for well over an hour. By a strange coincidence my father remarried in the same year that my mother did and he died just two months after she did in 1997.

We have so much catching up to do but I already feel completely  ‘at home’  with her. She sounds really friendly and easy to get on with. Dare I say it’s as though we’ve known each other much longer than 48 hours.

She is hoping to come and see us in the Spring. I can’t wait to meet her.

Don’t you think that’s the most amazing Christmas present ever?