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French Officialdom

December 10, 2009

Whale received a stramge letter last week. It was from the Caisse Primaire which deals with health amd social security and said that he had declared the loss of his Carte Vitale but that it had been used by the nurse and therefore this was a FRAUDULENT ACT liable for a fine.

This was rather worrying because the card has never been lost and we certainly hadn’t declared a loss officially.

A friend of mine helped me to write a suitably official letter to explain this but I also telephoned  first thing on Monday morning.

It transpired that they had made a mistake – and admitted it! -but, because the card is officially lost we had to return it and apply for a new one. This could take a long time. Meanwhile we will have to use an Attestation – a piece of paper setting out Whale’s right to treatment – which is not nearly as convenient.

The second slight scare we had was when returning from a trip in town, with Bear driving, we were stopped by a stern looking gendarme just as we approached our road.

He indicated that we should pull into the church carpark and asked for the paperwork.

Bear handed him the folder where he keeps it all, but his driving licence wasn’t with it. He had to get out of the car – with difficulty –  and fish out his wallet. He had forgotten what a French licence looks like so I had to find it for him.

The policeman checked everything thoroughly and then walked all round the car examining it carefully.

At this point, the maire walked past, greeted us with two kisses, shook hands with the gendarme and started chatting about the Repas des anciens on Sunday.

Then, suddenly, he broke into a smile, handed back the papers and said we could go.

He stood in the road to wave us out of the carpark and we drove home with relief.

Bear is going to be on the road for a bit longer. . . . . .