Oh Christmas Tree!

Who would have thought that organising the Christmas tree could cause strong feelings?

Well, knowing this household,  perhaps it’s not that surprising.

Jay and I managed a trip into town without Bear and on the way back Jay suggested going to buy a tree.

We had a bit of an argument because I wanted to get a smaller one but in the end we compromised: I chose the shape but he chose the size. . . . .

It was impossible to get it into the house without  Bear noticing and he started complaining about it being too soon, too big and absolutely impractical.  Good start.

Jay and I looked for the tree ‘support’ that is usually kept in the garage but it was nowhere to be found. We searched the attic and eventually asked Bear if he’d  ‘seen’  ( a euphemism for hidden away) it anywhere.

This led to further grumblings and chunterings and Jay went upstairs in a huff.

Bear dragged the tree into the garage and was there for some time. When  he emerged  I found that he had sawn off quite a few of the lower branches so that the tree could be put into a ‘bucket’.

I managed to persuade him that he’d done enough  and we’d  ‘finish in daylight tomorrow’.

Jay and CC came down, saw what he’d done to the tree and weren’t happy! They decided to wait until Bear went to bed so that they could do it their way. This meant going out in torchlight to bring in earth, stones and a suitable container. 

 We planted the tree in the pot while it was still wrapped up but Willow managed to find a way in!

Eventually, after going outside for yet more soil, the tree was stable and we set it free.

Willow thought it was a great indoor climbing frame and managed to shimmy her way around inside it with ease, popping her head out from time to time. 

We went to bed wondering whether it would still be standing in the morning.

As soon as he woke, Bear was off again.

“I know what they were up to last night. Why they have to do everything so soon I don’t know. You rush into things. You don’t think. It’s all your fault. If you were a good mother you’d give them a good hiding!”

Fortunately, by the time CC and Jay came down, Bear was in a co-operative mood and was talking about looking out the lights. As I had started the mincepies  it was CC who helped him untangle them and the tree was decorated without further argument.

Willow had to be banished to the conservatory though.

All in all, CC did a great job of making the tree look gorgeous and we finished on a very cheerful note with mulled wine and mincepies –  a family tradition of ours to start  the Christmas season when the tree and decorations are put up.

But Willow was still determined to play a major role:


P.S. If anyone is interested, having just celebrated my 65th birthday, I’m copying Z’s idea and posting a look back at my life on my other blog (see top right corner.)

14 Responses to “Oh Christmas Tree!”

  1. Dinky the Cat Says:

    Willow, you is a lucky cat, my master just shouted at me for jumping onto the table and knocking his oil lamp over. I got my own back though; I pee’d all over his chair!

    Now I’m looking for a new home. Ask your mistress if I can live with you, and I’ll show you the best way the shred that tree into teensy-weensy bits! – Dinky

  2. sablonneuse Says:

    Oh poor Dinky! I’m sure your nice kind master wouldn’t throw you out but if he ever did tell you to pack your suitcase you could come and live with us. However, if by any chance you are still ‘intact’ you’d have to have the operation!

  3. Keith Says:

    Dinky tells porky pies. Of course I wouldn’t throw him out. I did feel like removing his wedding tackle, but the vet has beaten me to it.

  4. tillylil Says:

    Your tree looks delightful and I’m sure Willow thinks so too!

  5. Little old me Says:

    The tree can never be too big!

  6. sablonneuse Says:

    Helen, whose side are you on?

  7. Z Says:

    We used to have a huge tree in our Edwardian house, which was in the hall and reached up to the bannister on the landing upstairs. No chance of that now with our 2 metre high ceilings! But I love a tree that looks like a tree and not a pot plant! I’m on Jay’s side.

    • sablonneuse Says:

      OK, I give in, I’m obviously outnumbered. Have to admit the tree does look good and it wouldn’t have been so attractive if it had been smaller.

  8. Pat Says:

    I thought it would all end in tears although it did make me laugh. The end result makes it all worth while. I really hope the good will lasts over the holiday – not always easy with families.

  9. Little old me Says:

    I like big trees

  10. guyana gyal Says:

    Your opening lines got me grinning. Wot a glad story. I wonder how many other people have Christmas tree stories to tell.

    Dress up Willow with glittery things so when she sits in the tree she can look like one of the decorations.

    Dinky and Willow should meet.

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