The Garden

We had some help to clear the garden ready for Autumn this year but with the rain and unseasonably ‘warm’ weather, the weeds are beginning to rear their ugly heads again.

The mustard that was planted as a fertilier cum weed preventer is growing still but there’s no danger it will come into flower (unless the weather really does go mad!) According  to the directions it should be grown early enough to flower before the end of  Autumn. You then cut off the flowers and crush the stems ready to be dug in before the Winter – or in the Spring.


On the subject of gardenig I was rather surprised and shocked to read that Monsanto, who apparently make Roundup weedkiller have recently been fined by a French court for lying about their product.

It seems it is not the relatively harmless product they say it is. It does not leave the soil ‘clean’ but deposits toxic chemicals that remain.

It makes you wonder about their ‘Roundup resistant’ seeds which allow farmers to spray their fields with the stuff.

Anyway, I shall certainly not be using it any more in my garden.

11 Responses to “The Garden”

  1. Keith Says:

    I knew about Roundup a few years back because I noticed that after I had used it, the following year my celery grew all distorted and tasted like the smell of chorine. After I stopped using it everything went back to normal.

    I always use Russian Comfrey (Google it) as a green fertilizer. It is particularly good if you dig some green leaves in around the tomato plants when in flower. I get really big and juicy toms.

  2. Patricia D Mackay Says:

    I wonder shall you make mustard from your plants?

  3. tillylil Says:

    lovely garden. enjoy your blogs.
    hows every one behaving?

    • sablonneuse Says:

      Bear is being particularly good at present. Fingers crossed! As for the garden, I really do need Pete and Penny to move over here. The garden was absolutely perfect after just three days of his attention.

  4. guyana gyal Says:

    I pull out weeds by hand…actually, they’re not ugly, they’re just prolific. Some weeds produce pretty flowers that are good for bees.

    As for Roundup. I read that story yesterday.

    Tell me which pesticide / chemical in the garden ever was good!

    Here’s story you might like:

    I wonder if we have russian comfrey here…

    • sablonneuse Says:

      I do try to pull weeds up by hand or dig them up but as I can’t bend my knees that can be a problem. I have never used Roundup near crops – only on the patio or path – but I’m not useing any more.

  5. canisfamiliaris Says:

    I have used Roundup in my garden at home, although not for a while. Don’t think I will use it again, now.

    BTW, I can’t believe that I am still having to cut the grass – and it’s nearly December!!!!


  6. Z Says:

    I’ve not used weedkiller on the garden ever. We do on the tennis court as it damages the surface if weeds are pulled up, but I distrust artificial intervention by chemicals, particularly on anything I’m going to eat, but on anything that other creatures, such as insects and birds, might eat too.

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