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The Garden

November 22, 2009

We had some help to clear the garden ready for Autumn this year but with the rain and unseasonably ‘warm’ weather, the weeds are beginning to rear their ugly heads again.

The mustard that was planted as a fertilier cum weed preventer is growing still but there’s no danger it will come into flower (unless the weather really does go mad!) According  to the directions it should be grown early enough to flower before the end of  Autumn. You then cut off the flowers and crush the stems ready to be dug in before the Winter – or in the Spring.


On the subject of gardenig I was rather surprised and shocked to read that Monsanto, who apparently make Roundup weedkiller have recently been fined by a French court for lying about their product.

It seems it is not the relatively harmless product they say it is. It does not leave the soil ‘clean’ but deposits toxic chemicals that remain.

It makes you wonder about their ‘Roundup resistant’ seeds which allow farmers to spray their fields with the stuff.

Anyway, I shall certainly not be using it any more in my garden.