‘Flu Vaccine

For those who are fed up with me banging on about swine ‘flu and the vaccine please  don’t read on, but for anyone interested, I can recommend watching these videos:


They are in Catalonian Spanish but with English subtitles and, unfortunately are a bit longwinded.

In essence, a highly qualified (medically and scientifically) Benedictine nun takes us through the unusual facts surrounding the ‘flu virus and the vaccine.

Here are the most important findings:

1) The H1N1 virus is not new. It has appeared before in previous epidemics.

2) It is a mild virus and the death rate is not as bad as most seasonal ‘flu outbreaks so why the push for a mass vaccination programme?

3) In the Spring a batch of vaccine was sent to the Czech Republic and, by chance, a lab technician tested it on animals. They all died because the vaccine contained a toxic mix of live vaccines: bird ‘flu which is lethal but not very infectious and a non-lethal but highly contagious strain. Baxter admitted this but claimed it was a mistake. If this mistake had not been discovered it is highly likely that a deadly mutation of the virus would have spread by now – thus making the pandemic much more of a reality.

4) The WHO have changed the definition of a pandemic so that a level 6 can be declared even for a mild illness. BUT this gives them powers to control all world governments regarding the way in which they deal with it.

5) The swine ‘flu vaccine could become mandatory but the drug companies are immune from any claims against them for serious side effects or even death caused by it.

6) The vaccine  contains adjuvants that have never been used before and which could stimulate an immune response ten times higher than normal. This could lead to autoimmune diseases.

7)There could be further examples of  ‘accidental mixing of live viruses’ which could lead to many more deaths.

8 In this case, the ‘flu vaccine wouldn’t be any use in combatting a new version of the disease.

9) She asks why these anomolies have not been mentioned by the media.

10) She deliberately avoids getting into the ‘conspiracy theory’ argument  so what she says is based on scientific findings and she gives many references to follow up.

These are the main points as I remember them but it is well worth watching what she has to say before deciding, for yourself and your family, whether or not to say NO.

P.S.  Perhaps this relates to #7?



9 Responses to “‘Flu Vaccine”

  1. Little old me Says:

    OMG it’s survivor!

  2. bretonne Says:

    Thanks for the synopsis, since getting my new (s/h)flat screen, the sound system on my computer seems not to know about it.
    If you haven’t seen the film “The Constant Gardener” try and get hold of a DVD, the subject being what happens to people who challenge pharmaceutical companies. Ralph Fiennes is in it, so it’s a steady, mainly understated excavation.

  3. Little old me Says:

    I have seen The Constant Gardener, very good film and just a little scary in a they can get you way.

  4. guyana gyal Says:

    I wonder why this vaccine is being pushed despite all this?

  5. sablonneuse Says:

    Jill and Helen: the film sounds interesting. I’ll try to watch it.

    G-G: at ‘best’ they are pushing the vaccine to make billions of profit for the drug companies: at ‘worst’ it’s a sinister plot to use human beings as guinea pigs for untested vaccines. However you look at it, it seems that it would be best to avoid the jab. Now if ‘they’ decide to make it compulsory it will certainly point to a very devious motive. Even if the ‘flu mutates to become more serious, as the video points out, the vaccine made for ‘swine ‘flu H1N1’ would have no effect on another strain anyway.

  6. Pat Says:

    Having suffered a funny reaction this year with continuing aches ( to the normal ‘flu vaccine ) I have no intention of having the swine ‘flu one. However I can’t persuade MTL to do the same. He has recovered from the virulent tummy bug than goodness.

  7. zuleme Says:

    Hi Sandy,
    We didn’t even have time to visit Avignon and we were in the Luberon! With the dollar/euro exchange it will be even more expensive for the next trip, if we can manage it. Every day was precious. Maybe someday we will have more time in France and will meet up with you. Though I’m not so sure about Bear.

  8. sablonneuse Says:

    Hi Zuleme, we’ve just had a friend from America staying with us and she wasn’t too happy about the exchange rate either. It must be said that Bear was extremely well behaved while she was here so don’t be put off next time you are in France.

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