This and That

Thinking of a topic for this post is proving rather difficult, so I’ll just ramble on a bit and see what happens.

The most interesting news is that we have a visitor from America, a friend of Jay’s, who has finally made it over to see us. She stayed with us in England about ten years ago but I haven’t seen her since. After the first two nights in Paris, where Jay and CC  packed in as much sightseeing as they could,  they all came back here on Saturday to recover, eat and sleep.

Fortunately it was this weekend when the much needed rain came down  but it didn’t spoil any plans.

Bear, who grumped at the thought of someone ‘invading his space’ was far more  charming  than I’ve seen him in years for our first meal together on Saturday but, by Sunday, he had reverted to his old self, refused to eat with us and sat watching telly with the volume at full blast while we ate a lovely meal prepared by Jay and our guest –  carrot soup, followed by salmon in a spicey coconut sauce with basmati rice laced with caramelised onions. For dessert we finished off the chocolate pudding CC had made the day before.

We are trying to think up local recipes for our visitor to taste and Francine, who comes in to help with Bear brought a surprise in her basket this afternoon. It was a joint of boar. Her husband goes hunting and they had shot the animal and divided it up on Saturday.  She gave me instructions for cooking it (slowly with a little white wine but not marinated beforehand) so I’m looking forward to trying it. The Ardennes has the boar as its symbol but it’s not easy to find any meat unless you know a hunter or are on good terms with your butcher. Otherwise you have to ask in advance and then pay through the nose.

The bad news is that the washing machine has packed up AGAIN! iI’s  the third time the spin drying cycle has decided not to work, but, at least, it’s still under guarantee. The only problem is that  even though the engineer is coming out tomorrow morning I know from previous experience that he won’t be able to mend it on the spot; it will take weeks for the necessary part to arrive and I will have to ring up and beg on a daily basis before they arrange to lend me another machine and then they will squeeze it in the laundry room beside the offending object that has let me down.

It looks as though I’ll have to ask my friend Yvette, or my neighbour, Claudine if our visitor can borrow their machine to do her washing, while ours piles up to the ceiling!

We’ve all had strange colds these last few weeks – or rather dry coughs and sore throats that won’t go away. According to the chemist nearly everyone round here has a similar problem. Now, at the risk of being accused of spreading conspiracy theories, I did notice thick white trails in the sky recently.

At first, one could just put it down to normal vapour trails. But have you noticed how they sometimes criss cross and last longer than you’d expect – and also become wider? A little research on Google brought up the information that they sometimes appear when the conditions are not right for vapour trails.

Are they spraying pollutants in the guise of ‘weather experiments’  or such like? What and why are they spraying? Do they have the right to interfere with nature in this way?

It smacks of science gone mad like the recent ‘experiment’ of bombing the moon. Did you see it on the news? Fortunately it turned out to be a bit of a damp squib as their huge explosion kind of became a feeble whimper. But what if they had destabilised the moon in some way? It makes you wonder if they know what they’re doing – or if they do really understand the risk – WHY are they doing it?

8 Responses to “This and That”

  1. canisfamiliaris Says:


    You need to go for a nice long walk in the countryside and get these strange thoughts out of your head!!


    BTW, been away for a while which is why I haven’t been on your site!!

    • sablonneuse Says:

      In case you missed my rant about the ‘flu vaccine, PLEASE do some research before having the jab, Derek. Even our nurse had a letter from her Union recommending giving it a miss.

  2. bretonne Says:

    My young computer-fixer is a “conspiracy theory” freak – comes of long hours watching “stuff” on YouTube. He says the “trails” are dumped chemicals, much like the Italian Mafia monopolising the rubbish-collecting, then dumping it at night in the Med. The logic follows…
    He also says the moon-landing was a hoax, that “first step” was not actually the first – who was there to film it? I watched a 60s revisited programme on France 2 last night and a commentator said that too.
    Keep walking and thinking!
    ps. I’ve just made Solo a hi-viz jacket from an old site-vest, I think he’s going to cause more accidents through being seen!!

    • sablonneuse Says:

      Yes, I watched an interesting programme about the ‘fake’ moonlanding some months ago. They put forward the argument that it was a plot to ‘beat the Russians to it’ : that it was filmed in a secret location where no-one is allowed to go nowadays: there is no wind on the moon and yet the flag was moving: and there was evidence of shadowa not being in logical places. Besides, if they really could do it in the 60’s why hasn’t space travel progressed much since then?
      Would love a photo of Solo in his jacket please.

  3. Little old me Says:

    oooh I love a conspiracy theory!

  4. Little old me Says:

    I know I have read most of them, heehee, it’s a sad life I lead.

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