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The Anniversary

October 14, 2009

Yesterday saw a (mostly) pleasant but low key celebration of our 25th wedding anniversary.

I woke up feeling better than I expected due to a bad cold and took Bear his card and present with his coffee. CC laughed that she had been given the task of buying my card for him and his card for me when she went into town. She had chosen one with a bear on the front and I wrote inside:

You can be like a bear with a sore arse, or a cuddly teddy bear. Guess which I prefer. . . .

Happy Anniversary, love S

He had typed (his handwriting is illegible) a somewhat formal message :cards

Sandy, this is to wish you a Happy Anniversary and thank you for twenty five years,  my love as always. R

Last time we were in town together he had (surprisingly) urged me to think of a present and I chose a plain silver ringring as I’m not one for fancy jewellery and he didn’t accept my suggestion of a jumper – which I actually need.

He had also chosen an apron printed with cats from the catalogue of a store in town and asked CC to buy it as a present from the cats, accompanied by another typed message thanking me for looking after them (between the two cards in the photo).

His present was a watch as his old one keeps coming undone and falling off but we had to take it to have some links removed as it was much too big.

We had lunch at the hotel in the village where we go once a week and then we went to the pizzeria in the evening.  However,  neither of us was particularly hungry so, although the food was good, we struggled with just one course.

For our 20th Anniversary we had been for a ‘posh’ meal and stayed at a hotel but conversation had been virtually non-existent. Last night, we did actually talk to each other without arguing and he insisted that he loved me ‘as much as ever’ and that I could ‘have anything I wanted’. (Yes, we had had some alcohol).

I said I just wished everyone could feel more at ease with each other at home as, for example, no-one else feels comfortable coming in the lounge to watch television when he’s there.

“Oh, I don’t mind CC sitting there to watch TV” he said magnanimously, “so long as she doesn’t make a noise; and I just wish she wouldn’t laugh so loudly.”

What can one say. . . . . . . .