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Feeling foolish

October 9, 2009

Imagine the scene: the bedroom lights refused to come on and there was a strange low-pitched buzzing  sound switchboardcoming from the ‘control panel’  in the garage.

CC and I found the offending switch and left it in the ‘off’ position but that meant that there was no light in the laundry room or Whale’s toilet – and there are no windows in either.

We tried switching it back on and there was no more noise but we decided to play safe and turn it off at night.

When I put it back on in the morning, lo and behold, the bedroom lights came on. However, only one of the four switches would actually operate them.

I rang Daniel, who knows everyone to ask if he could find us a reliable electrician. he came round the next evening, bless him, to look at the problem.

“It looks as though you’ll have to change all the switches” he said, and he called his mate who works for  EDF but does a bit of work ‘au noir’ to help people out.

Monsieur l’electrician came this evening and in a matter of seconds found the problem. switch

It seems that this double switch, one of which is for the outside light, was stuck. It should rebound each time it is used but it would remain in the ‘on’ or ‘off’ position and cut out all the other switches (each side of the bed and at the doorway).  He made it work but thought it would be better to change it eventually.

So we have light!


But I do feel a bit of an idiot for not understanding a pretty obvious principle.