The front garden

It’s actually difficult to know how much of the ground in front of our house actually belongs to us but most people make an effort to keep the road looking pretty even if we don’t have front gardens as such. small bacs The containers in the picture should have geraniums or other colourful plants during the Summer but I’m afraid I left the heather and pansies from last Winter  until they finally died off.

Thierry replanted them with some greenery which looks much fresher.

He weeded between all stones and tidied up the garden in front of Whale’s bedroom window. side Our neighbour’s son had already given the conifer a haircut but the rest looked much healthier for a ‘good weed’ and the addition of some pansies.  You can see the weeds growing in front of the neighbour’s house. Ours were much worse than this!

There were two rhododendrons hidden behind the conifer and strangled by weeds.behind Thierry rescued them and put them in front while I put down plastic sheeting  covered in cocoa shells and held in place with logs to try to keep it tidy.

Every time I go in or out of the house I have to pinch myself to realise that this is our ‘garden’ all neat and tidy at last.



In answer to Derek’s question (see comments) here is a wider angled photo. We park the old Citroen in the garage and Jay has to keep his car outside. front of house

6 Responses to “The front garden”

  1. tillylil Says:

    Gosh you have been busy. It looks lovely.

  2. sablonneuse Says:

    Thanks Tracey, I just hope it stays that way till Spring! We are having an unusually dry spell at the moment – no rain for a good week and none forecast so the well has run dry after watering all the new plants and the mustard in the veg patch!

  3. Little old me Says:

    Lovely, I just love the shutters on your windows too. Do you use them?

    Yes, Helen, wooden shutters are much more attractive than the modern roll down or electric ones even if they’re less convenient. All our neighbours close their shutters at night and when the sun is hot. I’m afraid I only close ours when it’s really cold or windy.

  4. canisfamiliaris Says:

    Does your ‘garden lead straight on to the road? Do you have to park your car on the front garden?

    Wide angle photo required!!!


    BTW, garden looks very tidy (and all done without Pete!!)

    Yes, but we did have help in the form of Thierry who is far more efficient than us lot but not a patch on Pete!
    Hope the new photo answers your query.

  5. Sara Hopkins Says:

    lovely, Sandy! Also, I’ve always loved stone houses and shutters!

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