Is the World going mad – or am I?

It was LOM who published a video about the coming of Nibiru (planet X) recently and it seems that more and more people are reading about 2012 predictions and various conspiracy theories but dismissing them immediately.

So, am I insane  to look more carefully and try to fathom what’s going on?

This video  is by an Argentinian who claims that the ‘Powers that Be’ – in other words a group of  mega-rich people – are looking out for themselves at the expense of ‘ordinary mortals’, who, in their eyes, are useless and expendable.

His claims relate to Argentina and how people obsessed with money and power have stripped the country of its democracy and the people of their rights and even their liberty.


Think about it – couldn’t that apply to other countries – to the UK for example? How could any government worth its salt have  failed to see a financial crisis looming? Were they really taken by surprise when the banks collapsed – or did they know about it – or even plan it . . . . .?

Then there’s their response;  to borrow yet more billions to solve the problem of  debt from too much borrowing. Isn’t  that madness? Then they give billions in taxpayers money to bail out these greedy bankers so that they can lend to small businesses to get the economy going again – but the banks hang on to OUR money and refuse to lend!

Do you believe them when they try to tell us the recession is nearly over when, at the same time, experts are saying it’s a much deeper depression than at first feared  and will take years  before we see signs of recovery. In fact, our descendents are lumbered with a huge debt thanks to the government’s ‘solution.’

Then consider the  reaction to ‘Swine Flu’ . It would appear that this ‘flu is no worse than normal seasonal flu and it has not spread as fast as was predicted. Yet pharmaceutical companies are working full out to produce a vaccine which is to be issued untried and untested on we poor unsuspecting souls.

Did you know that these same companies are immune from any claims for damages due to death or disability caused by their vaccine? If the results of being vaccinated are likely to cause worse problems than the flu itself why is the government planning to push for everyone to be injected with a substance containing lethal ingredients like mercury – squalene etc. Don’t take my word for it – look it up on the net.

So can you see why I’m puzzled that so many of my friends and family seem willing to accept all this as ‘normal’ when, to me, it looks decidedly fishy – to put it mildly?


3 Responses to “Is the World going mad – or am I?”

  1. Little old me Says:

    As you know Sandy, I have very little faith in what we are told by the powers that be. They will look after number 1 no matter what. I also believe we are experimented on a lot more that we realise. Just think of all the times people around you have all complained of feeling tired or out of sorts, all of you at the same time, that’s more than a coincident.

    Lets face it if Nibiru was coming our way, we would never be told, they would not be able to control the panic

    That’s true, LOM, there would be panic, but if they are trying to cause economic chaos to keep us too busy to pay attention to preparing for the worst then they’re not playing fair, are they?

  2. bretonne Says:

    A Young Person of my acquaintance showed me various internet videos by anxious amateurs ranging from How to build your own electricity power-unit to Water’s response to Evil, not forgetting the famous “Zeitgeist” which is going strong now in cinemas. I’ve personally been saying for 20 years that finance is basically useless because it is based on NOTHING – money is merely a medium of exchange which is why the DSS tried to include the LETS “receipts” as income. People have always swapped stuff, a bit of paper or a token is simply easier to carry around than a dozen sacks of veg. I joined a LETS scheme back in UK which was great for a basic range of goods and services, but you can’t pay your rates in LETS currency.

    Look at the logic in the unemployment figures: in France, as in UK, delocalisation has decimated manufacturing, we have nothing to make and sell. I used to say to my Business Creation students, all wanting to go into the service sector: each start-up will take market share from the existing businesses i.e. everyone’s slice of cake is made smaller so competition becomes fiercer. How do you create wealth? You make another cake! You take raw materials and add value, that added-value ( less your production costs) is your profit and that is healthy. What we have had for ages now is a very unhealthy situation that is basically a downward spiral.
    So how do we get out? We have to think differently and live differently, which is what I’ve done since coming here. Yes, it’s pretty exhausting toiling on the land, but to a large extent I’m self-sufficient, and a full freezer is a wonderful comfort. OK I might have a limited diet but so what? I certainly won’t die from that. I do genuinely worry about F1 hybrid seeds – you can’t keep back seeds for next season – and that’s why I’m against OGM and support seed-banks. Guerilla warfare saps whatever “enemy” tries to wipe out human effort, and it is very hard for a regimented regime to get inside a guerilla mind, so basically, I’m optimistic.

    WOW! this is all very heavy stuff you’ve started, Sandy!

    Well, I’ve learned a lot from you, Jill! I’d never heard of LETS and I didn’t know that F1 seeds meant that you couldn’t get seeds from the crops you had grown, though I did realise that GM crops were made not to be ‘seedable’ so that you’d be forced to buy every year. That just goes to show how the GM businesses are more into profit than doing good for mankind!

  3. Pat Says:

    I have to believe in the essential goodness of people or I’ll go bonkers.

    You’re right, Pat, and I like to believe that the majority of people are essentially good. However, it’s not beyond belief that a small but rich and powerful ‘elite’ could be working their own selfish purpose without caring two hoots for the rest of mankind.

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