Sometime ago  I may have mentioned that  CC, Jay and I were planning to continue redecorating downstairs to remove all the wallpaper (badly scratched by the cats) and paint the walls instead.

The job was started  well over a year ago when my brother-in-law replaced the dark purple walls in the living room with nice fresh off white paint, and then continued by Pascal who took over a month to redo our bedroom, despite the fact that we had stripped the wallpaper ourselves!

The children first tackled Whale’s room and then, as there was plenty of paint over we carried on with the dining area. the breakfast bar had to be removed and we put it back along the wall instead of sticking out into the room. It will take a bit of getting used to but I think I prefer it. What do you think?



It makes the kitchen-diner look much more open but you have to walk a long way to the worktop and it’s a bit high for making pastry.


There was still a good supply of paint left so we moved on to the library where the cats had scratched the paper off in the places where there were no bookcases. libB4 


It’s not very noticeable in this picture, but, believe me there were bare patches either side of the window and behind the table and armchair.

Also, you may find it hard to see that the wallpaper was  green.


Anyway, the room is now much lighter library2 and fresher. We have painted the window ledges with white gloss paint which we had to buy in England as it’s banned here!


Let’s hope it’s claw proof!




By the way, in case you’re wondering,  Bear is still being good . . . . . .


6 Responses to “Makeover”

  1. Vagabonde Says:

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. It certainly is a big endeavour to do a redecorating job. We have been in our house for decades and now that we are retired we are starting to consider doing something with the place, like painting, etc., but we also want to go on trips. The biggest problems we have are books, we have large bookshelves in many rooms and they are all full. Now we have bags and bags of books and we need to give some away, but it’s pretty hard. The room with the bookshelves you show on your post looks very light and inviting and the large comfortable armchairs. We have two cats so we know the damage they can bring. My daughter in California also has 2 cats and she bought some large pieces of clear plastic, coated, at the pet store. She places them on the armchairs and other places she does not want the cat to touch. I think they are coated with something sticky – and it works, they don’t like to get near these strips.

    We, too, have books everywhere and my daughter put the contents of the first bookshelf into boxes and then moved it into the middle of the room. Then she transferred the next lot of books onto the empty one before moving that bookcase into the middle and so on. It took time and patience but seemed the best way to store them. However, I think travelling is much more fun than decorating.
    I haven’t seen sticky plastic. That seems like a very good idea.

  2. Little old me Says:

    Why is gloss banned?

    I really don’t know. I had noticed that there was no shiney paint on doors etc. here but thought it was a matter of taste or fashion. However, when I looked for gloss in the shops I couldn’t find any. A salesman shook his head when I asked for polyurathane and told me it had been banned for some time. I have to admit that it smells strong and you have to leave the windows open all day (cats shut out in the garden) whereas French paint – which is water based – hardly smells at all and dries very quickly.

  3. tillylil Says:

    Your house looks lovely Sandy.
    Bear is still being good! Did he have a lobotomy whilst in hospital or have they changed his medication?
    How long do you think it will last?

    Well, they have changed hid medication but I’m not hoping too strongly that the good mood will last.

  4. zuleme Says:

    In the U.S, you can buy great cat scratching pads made of cardboard. The cats love them and enjoy shredding them to pieces. I also have cheap cat trees made of carpet. One in the house and two on the porch. And a carpeted cat climbing house thing.
    They need to scratch, just have to give them something irresistible.

    Hello again, we have bought them cat scratching posts but they tended to pee on them – and worse! It made the house smell so we had to throw them out (the scratching posts not the cats, of course!) There are trees and old railway sleepers in the garden for them to play with but some of them seem to prefer to wreck the furniture. At least they don’t show any more interest in the walls now that the wallpaper has gone.

  5. zed Says:

    There is nothing better than moving furniture around. I haven’t been brave enough to paint anything yet as I don’t have any friends to come around and help (really!). But I hope to, even if ‘soon’ does mean next year. And yes, your house does look lovely.

    Well, I suppose we’re not that far away but I’m not offering to come and help till you tell me there are definitely no more spiders chez-vous!!

  6. Susie Vereker Says:

    All cats I know ignore dedicated scratching posts, so was amazed to see huge versions in the local pet supermarket. They would take up the same amount of space as an armchair but taller.
    Congrats on your bricolage!

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