Whale misses Bear

It’s strange that although they dislike one another, Whale has been eager for news of  Bear  and keeps asking how he’s getting on.

When Whale was in hospital Bear wasn’t remotely interested in his progress except to moan when he was due home.

Whale even said he kept expecting Bear to appear in the  mornings with his customary grunt of   ”   ‘morning”  before burying himself in a book or turning on the TV.

However, he is enjoying the freedom as much of the rest of us.

The downside is that his own little idiosyncracies can be more noticeable.

For example; he has his teamaking tray on a table in his bedroom, but while I was making mirabelle jam this morning there was a frantic cry;

“The wire on the kettle has been made shorter! I can’t plug it in.”

“I think you’ll find the table has been moved.”



I ask you. This is a man who has a Ph.D but was obviously at the back of  the queue when commonsense was given out.


9 Responses to “Whale misses Bear”

  1. Pat Says:

    If this were a Somerset Maughan story you would run off with a young man and Bear and Whale would end their days together – two old grumps who became totally dependent on each other.
    How do you like dem green apples?

  2. Z Says:

    Oh yes, Sandy, Pat’s got the idea. Do it!

    I don’t know how you put up with it. But actually, some very intelligent people can’t see the simplest solution.

  3. sablonneuse Says:

    Pat: I’m not sure I’d have the energy to run off with a younger man – that’s if I ever met one who’d have me! As for mirabelles, last year a friend gave us a huge crate of them and so I was searching the net for recipes as there’s a limit to how much jam you want or tarts you can freeze.
    Z: I’m relieved that Whale is not the only person to be so impractical. I wonder if this gave rise to the epithet ‘absent minded professor’?

  4. Keith Says:

    If you haven’t got the energy for a younger man, pehaps somebody of your own age who would appreciate you; and try in every way to please you, and make your life enjoyable? And someone who loves cats and cooking?

    Oh, by the way, I’m free . . . . . .

    If, as they say,’ once bitten, twice shy’ wouldn’t I be rather foolish to try a third time . . . . . . even with a lovely, grumpy man lke you, Keith?

  5. zuleme Says:

    Whale has a Phd? In what field? How about Bear? Two old smart guys? Yikes.

    Whale has a Ph.D in history, specialising in the Tudor period. Bear is quite academic (retired English teacher) but never went to University. He studied at a Teacher Training College.

  6. Keith Says:

    They always say “Third time lucky” Sandy, or even “best of three!”

    Watch it Keith, if John-g reads these comments you won’t half get teased at the Merrie Monk!

  7. tillylil Says:

    I never realised Bear was a retired English teacher. Where did he teach?
    You have two Doctors in the house!

    Bear taught in a secondary school near London, which he loved, and then went to City College, which he hated.
    It’s a shame about Jay and his Ph.D, as he tries his best to ignore it despite having worked really hard on his thesis (not to mention getting a 1st class Hons B.A and distinction for his M.A.)

  8. Vagabonde Says:

    I just read your profile – you sure have an interesting household – I am not surprised if there are sparkles among the occupants

  9. guyana gyal Says:

    I want to say it, oh please let me say it….



    There. I did.


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