Parsley the Prawn Pincher

As I may have mentioned, the fish lady comes by in her van every Thursday and my regular order is salmon for CC, Whale and me and plaice for Bear, but occasionally I also buy some cod to make a fish pie.

Last week my neighbour bought some prawns for her grandson and I was surprised at how many she got for less than a couple of euros so I thought I’d get a handful to put in the fishpie.

As I was peeling the first one,  Parsley appeared from nowhere and grabbed the beheaded prawn before I could take off the rest of the shell. She would not let go, and I only just managed to remove  the tail before she took off with her ‘prey’.

The other cats gathered round with interest and as I’m a bit of a soft touch with felines I thought they should all have one. After all, we could do without prawns in the fish pie.

However, the other cats were not sufficiently keen on their share  of the booty to demolish it quickly. Chloe and Willow managed to eat theirs but the others hesitated or spent too long sniffing cautiously. Parsley was in there like a shot and  finished off their helping.

There were only one or two prawns left – not worth putting in the pie –  so she had the rest. I’d forgotten how much she liked them.


5 Responses to “Parsley the Prawn Pincher”

  1. Z Says:

    Oh, you’re kind – I’ve have offered her the heads! I like prawns too.

  2. Little old me Says:

    what a lucky cat, I remember giving our cat our tea once, I told hubby we were havong liver and bacon, then fed the liver to, you get the picture.

  3. bretonne Says:

    How appropriate – prawns and parsley!

  4. tillylil Says:

    Cats seem to sniff out fish from all over the house.

  5. zuleme Says:

    My old rascal, Finnegan adored shrimp ( as we call prawns here) so much that just the smell of the frozen ones and the water heating up would bring him running and turn him into a shrimp hunting tiger. He would leap up on the kitchen counter and I would throw him down until finally, I relented and handed over his share. And he would not stop until he had had what he considered enough. His brother, Brendan, who was a dignified gentleman cat, would wait until offered.
    Harper and Ramona are indifferent to the charms of shrimp, though R likes a bit of cheese.
    How do you make fish pie? It sounds so English.

    fishpie (the way Bear likes it) is simply cooked white fish, hardboiled eggs and prawns (optional) mixed together and seasoned to taste: then topped with mashed potato and grated cheese and baked. Usually it is better to add a cheese or parsey sauce to the fish mixture but Bear likes it ‘dry’.

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