Whale’s stay in hospital

Whale is still in hospital and likely to stay another few days. He has an anti-biotic drip and the infection is diminishing but his leg is still swollen, if not as red and hard as it was.

He has been told off a few times for being demanding  (which I can understand) but one of the ‘aide-soignantes’ – (carer/nursing assistant) shouted in his face, which I don’t think was necessary.

There was one traumatic night when the other chap in his room died (unexpectedly I gather). Whale was put in the corridor while the nurses attended to the body and the relatives came.

He was, naturally, quite shocked when he rang the next morning and also said he thought they had taken his razor and a grey toiletries bag by mistake. Fortunately CC and Jay found the missing items when they went to see him. They have also decided to take him a flask of tea every day as he doesn’t like coffee and hospital tea is awful.

Today he was taken for some physiotherapy and managed a few steps in the parallel bars. Not bad, considering he hasn’t been able to move from bed or chair for the last ten days.

As far as food is concerned, I know that the hospital he is in does not do such good meals as the Polychinique  (which is semi-private) but, although they don’t give you a menu to choose from each day, they do fill in a form stating your likes and dislikes.

Now that Whale is getting his appetite back he is taking more of an interest in what’s on his plate.

“It’s not that bad,” he said. “I eat what I can and leave the rest.” Doesn’t sound very gourmet does it?

8 Responses to “Whale’s stay in hospital”

  1. Z Says:

    Oh dear Lord, it sounds worryingly like a British hospital. Poor Whale.

    yes, Zoe, there’s definitely a difference between the two local hospitals.

  2. tillylil Says:

    Does he speak fluent French? – could it be a problem that he isn’t understood properly or is he just missing you at his beck and call?

    His French isn’t bad, Tracey, but as he’s getting deaf he doesn’t always understand. If previous hospital stays are anything to go by he does tend to call people for every little thing (much as he does when he’s at home) and CC has tried to explain that he’s not staying in a four star hotel – but he refuses to take that on board.

  3. Little old me Says:

    he will be home soon

    Yes, Helen – Friday afternoon!

  4. Keith Says:

    As Helen says, he will soon be home where you can look after him yourself.

    After reading some of your old posts I keep thinking about diamonds and stones.

  5. Keith Says:

    Perhaps I should have said Bear should think about the diamonds and stones, not you.

    Did your first comment suggest that I don’t appreciate Whale then?

  6. Pat Says:

    Sometimes it can be more exhausting when you have someone in hospital that when they are at home.
    I hope you get a bit of respite soon.

    Actually, I’ve been very spoilt, Pat, as apart from the first day, when I went backwards and forwards to hospital several times, it has fallen on CC and Jay to do most of the visiting. It has been quite relaxing to stay in bed until 8 – or even 8.30 – and to be able to go out without having to make sure someone is at home to see to Whale.

  7. Keith Says:

    I’m not going to be dragged into a dispute. I did not suggest that you don’t appreciate Whale, I was merely pointing out that after reading your archives I didn’t think Bear appreciates YOU. If he had to spend a life alone like me he would appreciate you more. He doesn’t know how lucky he is to have your companionship.
    No dispute intended, Keith. However, I do wish you could meet someone really lovely to break your solitude. It’s never too late!

  8. guyana gyal Says:

    I agree with Keith, you’re a diamond, Sab. You have so much to offer, kindness, and all. I hope Whale doesn’t demand too much when he gets home.

    It has been very relaxing these last two weeks and Bear has been making a HUGE effort to show me how ‘nice’ he can be when Whale’s not here so that he can say it’s all Whale’s fault when he gets in a mood. MEN!!!!

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