Hospital for Whale

 Whale has been extra poorly lately. His legs became swollen and the doctor gave him some tablets for fluid retention. Then one morning he woke up to find a large wet stain under his right leg. We thought the water mattress (a small one for his back) was leaking but as it is wrapped in a towel and that was completely dry we decided that wasn’t the case.

Whale blamed a cat but it wasn’t cat pee. The mystery deepened. But when the nurse came in she explained that it was coming from his leg! Apparently with oedema this can happen. Whale, of course, was in a state of panic but everyone else seemed to take it calmly.

“It’s not serious” said the doctor, and she prescribed dressings and iodine to prevent infection.

But, after a week, things got worse. His right leg swelled up even more: he became a bit breathless and disorientated.

“It could be  an infection, or thrombosis or both  – so it’s Hospital” said the doc, and asked me to phone for an ambulance while she wrote a letter.

The ambulance was here within half an hour and off we went. The nurse who met us recognised him but, although he didn’t want me to leave his side,  she sent me off to do the formalities and said I’d be sent for later.

At reception it was a case of producing the Carte Vitale and insurance card and confirming his details as he’s already ‘in their computer’. Then it was almost an hour’s wait before they came to invite me into his room. (Yes, in casualty everyone has their own proper room – not cubicles).  But he wasn’t there.

“He’s gone for an ultrasound” explained the nurse. “We’ve taken blood samples but it will be a couple of hours before we get the results. You can wait here if you like or go home and  come back later.”

I waited until he came back. The ultrasound confirmed that there was no thrombosis so he was much happier. The nurse said it was likely he could come home once the bloodtest results were known and I should ring  about 1 o’clock to find out what was happening.

Whale was happy to be left with his book so I went home.

However, when I rang they informed me he would be admitted to “geriatrie” at three o’clock as the infecton was quite bad and he needed to be on a drip.

He was hoping it would be a short stay but after the doctor’s round today he was told they want to keep him for a week to ten days. I feel sorry for him bacause it’s not much fun being in hospital  – but I do appreciate the ‘holiday’.

Also, Bear is ‘booked in’ for a few days in the diabetes department on the 4th August as he may have to go on insulin because his last blood test showed that his diabetes is not very well controlled.

5 Responses to “Hospital for Whale”

  1. tillylil Says:

    Poor Whale but at least he will get plenty of attention.
    Is the hospital a long way from home as visiting can get to be very tiring?
    Enjoy the rest while it lasts.

    Apart from the first day when I was backwards and forwards several times, CC and Jay will do most of the visiting. The hospital is about 10 minutes away but parking is difficult.

  2. Z Says:

    Hope he gets better soon,but do enjoy the break from one of your responsibilities!

    Thanks Zoe. I am taking it pretty easy!

  3. guyana gyal Says:

    My goodness, the things that can go wrong with the body!

    You take care of you too, Sab.

    Thanks G-G. I’ve ordered a new kind of tablet for arthritis so am lookng forward to trying it.

  4. Keith Says:

    New tablet for athritis eh? I’ve had arthritic knees for several years now and everytine I ask the doc if I can have stronger painkillers than Paracetamol (which have absolutely no effect) he writes out a prescription for more Paracetamol! I now have about 1,000 soluble parecetamol tablets sitting in my cupboard!

    You just can’t get through to the quacks (doctors) now!

    While the whales away, the cat will play! (or something like that!). Enjoy your break!

  5. Little old me Says:

    Hi Sandy enjoy your rest, I am sure Whale will be home soon and it will be like he was never away

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