I love my cats but this morning my affections are wearing a bit thin.

Now that it’s light so much earlier one or two of them wake me up to open the door before six o’clock but this morning Willow was jumping on my head before daylight.

“No, it’s not light yet,” I mumbled and turned over,  but minutes later there was an awful smell and rustling sound because she had pooed on the floor and then emptied the wastepaper basket in an attempt to cover it up.

OK, I gave up, opened the door ( a bit too late) and then cleaned up the mess.

It was after eight when I woke up the next time to the sound of the nurse’s voice (she has a key to get in). There was much “Oooh la la-ing” and shrill complaining mixed with the deeper tones of Whale.

I got up and went through to his bedroom, still in my nightie.

“There’s ‘caca’ everywhere” complained Vero but I’ve dealt with the worst of it.

“B****y cats,” explained Whale. “It was all over the bed and the floor”.

Looking at the remaining evidence I could see that it was sick not poo and, anyway, there certainly wasn’t the same smell I’d had in the bedroom earlier. However, Vero insisted that it was ‘caca’ and she’s always right.

So much for a relaxing Sunday morning. I hastily showered and dressed and then set to to change the bed and get the washing machine going.

Fortunately it looks as though it’s a good day for drying.


6 Responses to “Cats!”

  1. zuleme Says:

    no indoor kitty bathrooms?

    Oh yes, there are two litter trays in the conservatory but, obviously, Willow couldn’t be bothered to make the short journey.
    When she was a kitten we did keep a litter tray in the bedroom for her but all the others started using it and we decided it wasn’t ideal to have a cat toilet near the bed.

  2. Little old me Says:

    poor Willow does she have a poorly tummy?

    No, she’s fine – just paying me back for not opening the window for hwe to go out. The sick was probably Pepper as she likes sleeping on Whale’s bed.

  3. guyana gyal Says:

    Sheds…they all need outdoor sheds, their own little homes.

    They can get into the garden shed but it’s not equpped with comfy armchairs!

  4. tillylil Says:

    Yes I sympathise.
    I have a cat but when it is sick it always does so on a cream rug or doormat in the conservatory, never on the tiled floor where it could easily be cleaned up!

    That’s why we don’t have carpets downstairs at all!

  5. Pat Says:

    It doesn’t really inspire me to get a cat.

    Living with cats can have its downside but I wouldn’t be without ours.

  6. canisfamiliaris Says:

    Not a good start to your day, Sandy. Hope it was on an upward trend after that beginning!!


    I’ve just read your latest post, Derek. That sounded really scarey!

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