Too much communication

Bear has always complained about my telephone conversations – to the point where (when I was still working) I had my own phone line put in and paid my own bill  to shut him up. But, would you believe it, he still had the cheek to moan!

Things haven’t changed much, even though we now have an inclusive subscription covering unlimited calls to France, England and America for a fixed sum.

Today I called Yvette as she wasn’t too well when I saw her on Friday. She was pleased to talk and we chatted happily about this and that.

When I put the phone down Bear scowled at me.

“Do you know you were on the phone for 37 minutes?”

I looked him in the eye hoping to convey a mixture of disdain, annoyance and humour.

“So. . . . . . .”

“So you won’t need to see each other again this week. You’ve said it all –  probably kept her from doing what she was doing, poor woman. You could have said all that in less than two minutes. There’s too much communication!”


It wasn’t worth talking to him to tell him that Yvette had mentioned the Old Folks’ Easter get together. I hadn’t read the circular properly and had filed it away where I couldn’t find it.

It seems that owing to economic constraints, this year’s meal will be a Tea-Dance instead of the usual 5 course lunch. Actually, I think that’s a good idea. It means people will mix better and probably suffer less from indigestion as getting up to jig about between courses is something my stomach doesn’t take to readily.

It also means that Yvette will be able to come – and bring Jean-Claude in his wheelchair. They can arrive when they like and go home when he’s tired.

It will do her the world of good to come out and socialise.

And we can both have a long session of communication.

Bear can mope by himself or make himself sick on cake if he doesn’t want to talk to people.

7 Responses to “Too much communication”

  1. tillylil Says:

    I didn’t know you had your own phone line in England.
    Did Bear charge you for ‘house room’
    Might be a good idea to do the same in France than you could ban Bear from answering it and upsetting your friends!
    Yes women have an amazing knack to ‘communicate’ for hours on end about nothing in particular.
    Briliant idea having a fixed subscription so you can chat away to your heart’s content.
    I think you need that to keep you sane.

  2. sablonneuse Says:

    My phoneline in England ws in the study attached to the fax. As it was set to answer the fax pretty quickly it was only ever used for outgoing calls – MINE! Here Bear avoids answering the phone in case there’s a French person on the line. Then he’d panic.
    You’re right about chatting to keep sane. It’s impossible to talk to Bear as we usually end up arguing.

  3. guyana gyal Says:

    Huh, let any man tell me about too much communication, I would freeze him out so cold, he’d BEG me to communicate. Ha. Them there Bear words sure put me in a fighting mood. I love to talk and it grieves me that most of the people I love chatting with live overseas now.

    Have to admit it made me pretty cross too but I sometmes feel he’s not worth wasting energy on when he’s in a stupid mood so I try to ignore him.

  4. Little old me Says:

    Haven’t you got a shed you could put him in? sorry that was uncalled for, but I bet you feel like it sometimes.

    I certainly do!

  5. Susie Vereker Says:

    Hope you leg is OK now, Sandy. Sounds quite an ordeal.

    Yes, I can’t understand why phone calls can become such an issue. Sounds like somebody wants all your attention every second of the day.

    You’ve hit the nail on the head there Susie.

  6. canisfamiliaris Says:

    ‘Bear can mope by himself or make himself sick on cake if he doesn’t want to talk to people.’

    I think you’ve got that about right, Sandy!


  7. Pat Says:

    I know ! Make your daily exercise routine ‘rising above it’. That way you can keep fit and sane.

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