Husband Exchange?

There are times when I wish I could trade in my two charges for another two cats.

This morning I crawled around the the supermarket with Bear in tow. It’s a real pain shopping with him because he loves looking round and poking about while I’d much prefer to put the goods in the trolley and get through the checkout A.S.A.P. 

For this reason I contrived to do some of the monthly shop with him and then do the larger part with Jay this afternoon. It meant using the excuse that I had to go to the Caisse Primaire (Health/Social Security Office) to sort out papers with Jay and update my Carte Vitale at the same time.

Bear accepted the fact that I was going out again without him with relatively good grace but had a tantrum later to make up for it. First, as there was no sound on the TV he accused CC of making it go wrong. I think it was more a case of weather conditions as it responded to my cure of unplugging it and starting again.

Then our neighbour’s son turned up on the doorstep. He was feeling lonely because his mum had gone to visit his dad in Intensive Care in Reims. He is at a special school for young people with ‘behavioural problems’ but I think he is so drugged that he is always very quiet and docile. On the other hand, despite his 18 years, he is still very immature. When he learned we were going shopping he asked if he could come with us. Naturally Jay and I said yes but Bear scowled when he heard.

But it was  Whale who decided to bug me while I was in the middle of Carrefour by phoning to say his computer was playing up and perhaps I should buy him a ‘new lead’. In fact, it just ignores the fact that there’s a mouse plugged in sometimes and you have to reboot it (more than once) before it decides to accept it.

When we got back home Francois helped Jay unload the car and then I gave him a hot chocolate and some biscuits. By that time his mum was home and off he went.

Bear then grumbled about him coming round ‘every day’. OK, so he was here yesterday (for the same reason) but he’ll be back at school on Wednesday after an extra few days off following a skiing holiday (with the school). I think it’s to give the teachers time to recover.

5 Responses to “Husband Exchange?”

  1. canisfamiliaris Says:

    Bear and that young lad have something in common, then? They both have to take holidays away to give their minders time to rest and recuperate!!!


    You’re so right, Derek. Unfortunately bear hasn’t planned any trips on his own in the foreseeable future.
    Regarding Francois I take my hat off to teachers who are prepared to take a group of adolescents on a skiing holiday even if they are under medicaton. They are kept at the school (as boarders) until they are 20 but allowed home at weekends. Their holidays are much shorter than at other schools – only a few days at half-term, a week at Christmas and three weeks in the Summer. No wonder the staff need time off!

  2. zuleme Says:

    You wouldn’t like grocery shopping with me, I like to browse. Especially in a foreign country where everything is fascinating!
    Yeah, I’d trade them in for two more cats.

    When it’s a case of exploring something new, then I do like looking round but if it’s just finding the stuff on my shopping list (and trying not to be tempted by extra goodies) I’d like to get it over with more quickly.

  3. Pat Says:

    There was a nice woman who lived in a shoe – she had so many children she didn’t know what to do. Sound familiar? I’m going to put you up for Sainthood. Saint Sandy:)

    I’m afraid my thoughts are not that saintly sometimes, Pat.

  4. Keith Says:

    I’m the same as Zuleme, I love to browse around the Auchan, Intermarche etc., to see what fascinating foods are available. I always go alone, that way there’s nobody nagging me to “get a move on”!

    I made “Pommes Anna” (Potatoes sliced and baked in butter and herbs)with “Carbonnades Flamandes” (Braised beef in beer) for my sister when she came for Sunday Dinner.

    She prodded the spuds gingerly with her fork, “What on earth have you done here?” she asked and then remarked that the meat was “off” because it tasted “funny”.

    “Why didn’t you do a proper Sunday dinner?” she asked. Then she just nibbled at her food, screwing her face up said “Ugh!”. I thought the food tasted fab.

    “I wouldn’t go to France for your holidays then”, I said, “because all the food there would taste like warmed-up crap to you!”

    She wouldn’t eat her “toasted ice-cream” (Creme Caramel) as she called it.

    So, like yourself, I have a relation who is hard to please. Next time I’ll just go to the local chippie and get some soggy chips with foul tasting fish and mushy peas, then perhaps she’ll be happy!

    Ooh I love beef in beer! never tasted Pommes Anna but they sound super. Your sister doesn’t know what she missed. Wish you could have posted the creme caramel over to me. It’s one of my favourite desserts.

  5. guyana gyal Says:

    I wonder what Bear would say if he’d lived in our home…so many friends, young people dropping by to eat, sleep, hide from angry parents, haha.

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