Two invitatons to lunch

Yesterday we were invited to lunch with Yvette. Naturally she included everyone – Bear , Whale, CC, Jay and me. Equally obviously, Bear gave his usual response.

“I’m not going if they’re going.”

Last time we left him on his own but as CC was feeling a bit under the weather and it is getting more and more difficult to heave Whale into the car we thought it might be an opportunity to let Bear go along while the others made the most of his absence from the house.

Fortunately Yvette is very understanding even though she was disappointed that only two of us would be going.

She had prepared a vodka and orange aperitif with a colourful variety of nibbles including blinis with taramasalata, cubes of mimolette, little balls of goat’s cheese, dried cranberries and nuts.

Bear ate a couple of goat’s cheese balls.

First course was a fish terrine: Bear refused to have any. Poor Yvette was upset and wondered what she could give him but I assured her he would be happy with bread.

“I’m not allowed bread at home.” he complained. True I am trying to get him to eat less carbohydrate because of his diabetes but he does eat baguettes – just not a whole one at a time!

The main course was monkfish in a delicious sauce served with rice and vegetables – carrots, sugarsnap peas and cauliflower.

Bear turned his nose up at the fish but said he’d have “a spoonful of the sauce”. He won’t ever eat rice but he did have a few pieces of vegetable.

Given the choice of gewurztraminer  or champagne he chose the latter.  Yvette had found something he liked at last.

Foodwise, it started to improve for him with  the cheese course when he had a large lump of comté – with more bread – and was persauded to taste the red wine, an absolutely delicious Listrac 1998.

For the first time in his life he actually took a liking to red wine and had a second glass, then a third.

Unfortuately that had the unpleasant efect of loosening his tongue and his bad mood.

He launched into a tirade against all of us, complaining to Yvette and Jean-Claude that he led a miserable life and it was all due to my selfishness.

Once again, Yvette took it all in her stride but I was struggling between anger and embarrassment.

He calmed down for dessert – vanilla icecream with prunes in brandy followed by a delicious chocolate mousse – and more champagne. Then it was coffee and chocolates.

He at least managed to praise our hostess on her cooking before letting off another outburst.

Enough was enough.  I insisted it was time to go home.

Next time we’ll leave him on his own!

Today we went to lunch with Marie and Michel who wanted us to share a meal with  their friend from Egypt who speaks English.  We’ve met her before  and she’s very sociable.

Marie knows Bear’s likes and dislikes and presented us with a wonderful lunch of Tarte au maroilles (cheese). (Bear had two helpings):  roast veal with green beans, mushrooms and potatoes: cheese with salad (Bear avoided the salad): peach melba and coffee with gateau au sucre.

Needless to say the meal was very well ‘watered’ with aperitifs, Pouilly Fumé, red wine (didn’t see the bottle but it was delicious), champagne and digestifs.

We all went into the lounge for conversation and


Bear fell asleep

                        and snored  –   loudly. . . . . . . .

At four o’clock I woke him and said it was time to go home.


8 Responses to “Two invitatons to lunch”

  1. Z Says:

    Darling, may your consolation be that you will, in due course, go straight to Heaven. You’ve done your Purgatory already.

    Well, as my mum said, “You’ve made your bed: you must lie on it.” I’ve only got myself to blame.

  2. Little old me Says:

    My first thought was I would feed him as much bread as he liked! Not nice I know, I don’t know how you put up with it. Like Z says you will get your reward in heaven

    Bear is more convinced that he’s going to heaven than I am (that I’m going there).

  3. Keith Says:

    Well, after reading that and from my personal experience of him, I don’t think I shall be inviting him to come to dinner at my house!

    Of course you are always welcome to come if ever you visit Britland (which I don’t advise in the present economical climate!).

    Tonight I am making my favourite dinner, ‘galette complete avec salade nicoise’.

    I’ve got a good strong length of rope here, shall I send it with a few suggestions on what to do with it?

    Yummy, I definitely like the sound of your cooking.

  4. canisfamiliaris Says:

    When you visit me again, I’ll remember NOT to put out the red wine!!



    Not even for me . . . . ?

  5. tillylil Says:

    Definitely leave him at home next time with a bottle of red wine . He may have mellowed by the time you get back and actually be in a good mood.
    If not drink a bottle yourself and ignore him.

    Even if we could find a bottle of that particular wine I doubt we could afford it and he won’t touch red wine as a rule.
    However, I’m not so fussy about expensive red wine (though I don’t like ‘plonk’ ) so your last sentence is good advice.

  6. Susie Vereker Says:

    Oh dear. He really is well named.

  7. Susie Vereker Says:

    Or perhaps that was rude to bears.

    He’s named because he can be like a cuddly bear or a bear with a sore head – usually the latter, unfortunately.

  8. Pat Says:

    At least – for some time – you should be able to leave him without a qualm. Has he always been like this or did it come with age and ill health?

    He’s always had a dual personality but maybe the Mr Hyde comes to the fore more frequently nowadays.

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