Latest Little Problems (part 2)

Our supposedly cat proof fence let us down when we discovered a strange cat had got into the garden and couldn’t get out.

CC and Jay discovered the poor thing hiding under a tree. He was scared when they approached  and became frantic in his efforts to jump over the fence.

Eventually, as I was out at the time, Jay decided to open the ‘gate’ to allow him to escape.

That may sound simple, but, actually, the opening for the gate was closed in a rather haphazard way by yours truly.

Obviously, I was the only one who might have had some idea how to create an opening without causing chaos but Jay didn’t understand how my bits of wire and string were meant to work and he just made a gap as best he could.

The next two days were blessed with torrential rain and strong winds so our cats wouldn’t have gone out anyway but CC and I did venture into the garden to make sure the little lost cat had found his way out.

This morning it was calm and bright but freezing cold when I went out at 8 o’clock to mend the fence and the gate. It took me nearly half  an hour to bend back the ‘overhang’ that had blown inside out along two sides and re-do the ‘gate’.

Meanwhile, back inside, Whale (who seemed fast asleep when I went into the garden)  had been shouting loud enough to wake Bear and had eventually telephoned CC to come downstairs and check whether I was OK.

“Mum’s been out in the garden for twenty minutes. She may have fallen over.”

CC could see that I was mending the fence so she told him to stop fussing and went back to bed.

3 Responses to “Latest Little Problems (part 2)”

  1. Pat Says:

    I think the word has got around that your place is a great home for cats and all the local cats are going to be visiting you:)
    Sweet that someone is worried if you disappear for 20 minutes.

    Oh dear, that means we’ll have to have Willow ‘done’ pretty soon or she’ll be attracting all the local Toms.

    It may seem sweet that Whale panics when anyone leaves the house temporarily but it’s pretty annoying when you have to live with it, Pat. CC and Jay sometimes believe that it’s more a case of him worrying that there’s no-one to answer his calls for assistance!

  2. bretonne Says:

    Do your radiators have those removable (normally with difficulty) grilles on top? Smokey has found a new hazard for cats- he fell off the radiator whilst doing a long stretch and got his toe jammed in a grille! I managed to grab him, and hold him steady so that there was minimum weight on the poor toe and he managed to pull it free. He hid and slept for quite a while, obviously in shock, but asked to go out eventually so no real harm done. Do they do it to us humans on purpose to challenge our ingenuity?

    Oh poor Smokey! I think (fingers crossed) that our radiators are safe. They are the old fashioned type but we keep them covered with a small blanket so the cats can lay on them. Even the ones that are turned on downstairs are not very high.

  3. canisfamiliaris Says:

    Time to invite Pete back for another visit, I think!

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