Jeremy Kyle?

Bear came up with a classic this week.

“I think we should go on the Jeremy Kyle show. He’d soon tell you how selfish you are.”

If you don’t watch Jeremy Kyle (and I certainly wouldn’ t recommend it) it seems to be a talk show where family members take the opportunity to accuse each other of  all sorts of wicked deeds and more often than not have a televised shouting match. Yuk!!

Since Bear always has the volume up full I can’t help overhearing the programme and so I was able to counter attack:

“I seem to remember Jeremy Kyle saying that you should never put anyone before your own children.”

“Yes, but yours are adults now.”

“I know, but I’m talking about when they were little. You spent all your time trying to break us apart. You kept saying I put them before you. You couldn’t accept that I had enough love for all of you. And then you had the nerve to tell people that you didn’t think I cared about them because I ‘palmed them off on  their dad’ (i.e.Whale) at weekends.”

May I add here, that when we divorced, I had custody and control but rather than make official arrangements we agreed that the children should see their dad as and when it suited everyone. This meant that when they were very young we still went on holiday as a family but when they were older they had more say in when they wanted to go and stay with him.

Bear carried on complaining about what a hard life he has but I thought it wise to refrain from reminding him that I left him because I couldn’t face the prospect of  a ‘Derby and Joan’ existence with him when I retired. In attempting to separate my children and me he had succeeded only in driving a wedge between himself and me.

“Well, I intend to go on holiday ths year to get away from everyone,” he announced. “You can come with me if you want to.” he added grudgingly.

Fortunately  we arrived at the opthalmologist at that point. The waiting room was full to capacity and we had to sit at opposite ends.

By the time we got out, nearly two hours later,  he had forgotten the argument.


3 Responses to “Jeremy Kyle?”

  1. tillylil Says:

    Now I would just love to see the five of you on the Jeremy Kyle show to see what he makes of you all.
    Bet he has never had a family situation like yours.
    Bear obviously has deep insecurity problems – any one knows that a love for a spouse and children are so different and it is never a competition.
    I wondered if he felt pushed out by his own biological children when they came along?

    Actually, I remember him telling me how he was ‘neglected’ when his daughters came along (and I swallowed his story hook, line and sinker) but now that I know better I realise that his first wife would not have treated him badly.

  2. Little old me Says:

    I would set the video for that one!

    Offer to pay for him to go on holiday, and you stay home, you would get a rest then. Well of sorts.

    He can afford to go away much better than I can. It would be a great treat for everyone if he took himself off but at his age and in his state of health travelling alone would not be a good idea. Problem is, we couldn’t think of anyone who’d like to go away with him.

  3. zuleme Says:

    Sandy, your living situation would drive me totally insane. I would leave all of them and live in a tent. With the cats. I don’t know how you do it.

    I think I’m probably half way (or more) to madness already. I do often dream of a little house with an enclosed garden for the cats and me. A tent would be going too far!

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