Brrrr Winter

Compared to some countries we have not had that much snow but temperatures have dropped to their lowest for several years – it was minus 15  this morning – and I got up to find there was no well water. Fortunately we can switch over to mains water and I crossed my fingers that there were no frozen pipes.

The cats were pretty miserable as it was too cold to go outside and play.  Holly and Willow tried looking out of the the bedroom window:


This went a bit sideways – and yes, there are bars at our bedroom window. I think it’s to hold up the wall. . . . . . . .






Hasn’t Willow grown? She’s about as big as the others now but still as playful as a young kitten.


Pepper took up her favourite position on top of Whale’s television from where she can watch the world go by:pepperwindow


Not that much was moving outside this morning though.



Parsley, Chloe and Toby settled themselves on armchairs:parsleychair


Parsley looks pretty fed up, don’t you think?






Chloe is miffed that the radiator isn’t warm. (It’s been turned off since we got the woodstove)




But Toby snuggled down into his favourite armchair and dozed.





It was Mustard who bagged the warmest place, under the fire (which was alight despite appearances: it keeps in overnight if turned down).


On the subject ot the woodstove, Bear has been stoking it up with enormous logs which is not a good idea, so he decided to buy a log splitter.

We went to Leroy Merlin with the intention of finding a thing like an oversized chisel to hammer into the logs but came away with an electric one. fendeur                                      


The instructions were a bit frightening with loads of safety precautions but it actually works very well.

The only dicey moment was when I told Bear that the maximum size was 25 cms and some of our logs looked bigger than that.

“We’ll have to try one then,” he announced.

“But if it says 25cms is the maximum that must be for a good reason.”

“No, we have to try these things.”

He tried.       It got stuck.      I left him to sort it out.

All the same, we now have a good supply of wood cut into ‘bite-sized chunks’  for the stove.wood

5 Responses to “Brrrr Winter”

  1. zuleme Says:

    That is an odd looking splitter, the one we use is horizontal. You just lay the logs down on it and you can split a large pile pretty fast.
    We have done a lot of log splitting but less as we get older and we’ve been buying wood split. But sometimes we cut down some trees and then it has to be done.

  2. sablonneuse Says:

    Sorry, Zuleme, the picture is misleading. It is used horizontally but Bear tips it up like that for storage. if we left it on the floor someone (probably me) would trip over it!

  3. tillylil Says:

    It’s been the coldest snap here for 30 years. Made me remember winters as a child when you had to walk every where and dressed up accordingly.
    Kids today do not have the long warm coats and thermal vests that I wore in my youth.
    Expect the gas bill will break the bank this quarter but I hate being cold!
    Suppose to get a little warmer this weekend.

  4. sablonneuse Says:

    I remember walking to school wearing a short skirt and knee socks. It’s strange how they didn’t bother about bare thighs as long as you had multiple layers round your chest: vest, liberty bodice, petticoat, blouse, jumper and cardigan. have to admit we were all pretty healthy apart from the chilblains!

  5. Z Says:

    I never had chilblains, but the children who walked to school did. Having been, at one time, stranded in water above my waist for a long time and having no ill effects at all, I think that the idea of keeping your middle warm (around your heart) is what matters. I even consoled myself with that thought, stuck in the river hoping that someone would happen to walk through that remote area to rescue me.

    Someone did, BTW.

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