Willow’s First Christmas

willow-treeIt started with the tree.

As soon as it was put in its container and before we could start to decorate it, young Willow had climbed haflway up it and was hanging on for dear life in the middle of all the prickly branches.

Of course, she thought the whole thing was there for her amusement and delighted in playing with all the hangings. Despite CC’s attempt to keep breakables out of her reach she managed to smash five glass baubles and was always chasing plastic balls or wooden objects all over the floor.

At mealtimes she wanted to join in as well. willowsplace1If anyone left the table she was on their chair in a flash, peeping hopefully over the the plate as if asking for her share. Of course, they were all spoiled with titbits but she is by far the cheekiest of the seven cats.

When the crackers were opened she pinched any of the ‘presents’ left unattended for half a second and patted them round under the table. She was fascinated by paper hats and after the meal she had found one of her own to wear


on her bottom!

Needless to say, she took a huge interest in the presents (which we had kept out of the way until Christmas Day) and played for ages with the wrapping paper and empty boxes. willowpressies

We didn’t buy any presents for the cats this year as last year their reaction to a ‘catplayground and scratching post’ was to wee on it –  and worse!

However. I think Willow had a pretty good time.

The other cats more or less left her to enjoy all the excitement and only showed an interest when there was food involved. No doubt she’ll be the same next year.


3 Responses to “Willow’s First Christmas”

  1. BearNaked Says:

    So happy to see Willow enjoying her first Christmas.
    It must have also been fun for all of you to watch her antics.

    Bear((( )))
    It was quite surpprising to see the difference in reaction from the other cats, who’ve seen it all before, and Willow to whom it was all new and exciting.

  2. Little old me Says:

    i used to love it when our cats used to join in with Christmas

  3. Sophie Says:

    Aww Willow is such a cutie!
    I hope you have une Excellent Nouvelle Année Sandy.
    Best wishes to everyone in your family, including all the little minous bien sûr!
    Love from Sophie, Chris and Chaddy xxx

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