So that was Christmas

It’s true, I couldn’t really get into the excitement and anticipation of Christmas this year and now it’s all done and dusted.
In actual fact, we had a very pleasant time. CC invited a friend to stay but we were still able to enjoy a laid-back, relaxed family time.
Jay and CC did the cooking and planned a rather unconventional meal of:

 smoked trout,

sprout soup,

 trou Normande,

turkey and/or nut roast with carrots, roast potatoes and parsnips,

chocolate buche.

We ate quite late and I needed several doses of Gaviscon afterwards but it was well worth it.

We all had a nice pile of pressies to unwrap and my favourite was a poster of Steinlen cats which CC and Jay had found in Paris and carefully framed themselves. poster2

It looks great above the piano where there was a large space just asking for something interesting to look at.

Bear behaved pretty well throughout the day and even deigned to eat the meal Jay had  prepared. He even said he enjoyed it!!

However, the effort of being so good was bound to lead to an explosion sooner or later. . . . .


3 Responses to “So that was Christmas”

  1. canisfamiliaris Says:

    We had a very ‘quiet’ Christmas as well, Sandy – apart from falling down the stairs at my sister-in-law’s!! (and I was NOT bladdered at the time!!!)

    Ouch! Hope you didn’t do too much damage.

  2. tillylil Says:

    I’m glad it was a good one and that Bear behaved himself at least for one day.
    We had a ‘busy’ Xmas.
    Went to church on Xmas morning, then prezzies and then out for lunch arriving back early evening.
    Paul was on call and also worked for most of Boxing Day but we are all set for three days away for New Year.
    Happy New Year to you and yours!

    So pleased to hear you are well enough to go away for a break. Have a wonderful time and may 2009 bring you good health and happiness.

  3. BearNaked Says:

    Now you have me curious to find out the rest of your Christmas tale.

    Bear((( )))

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