Bear blows his top

Just when I was thinking how calm Bear has been lately he reverted to his usual form today.

On the way to the doctor’s he started:

“Whale has been staring at me today. I hate him. He’s ruining my life. . And you don’t understand. I hate Christmas. I hate the kids. etc etc.”

When we arrived at the surgery his face was black as thunder, and he sat down in the waiting area, arms folded, exuding unpleasant vibes. The two ladies already there gave me sympathetic looks.

He didn’t even feel inclined to ‘play the clown’  as our doctor puts it and I explained his mood as best I could.

Once home, we found that CC was playing a CD of piano music. Bear immediately turned it off and put the TV on – Jeremy Kyle (bleugh) and then ‘railway journeys’ – boring.

CC and I made mince pies  and Bear fell asleep. We turned off the TV sound and put the CD back on.

On the plus side, may I say that Bear has been arm-twisted into buying me a pressie this year. He always sends cash to his daughters, grand-daughters and ex-wife  so that they can choose their presents. But when it comes to me, he doesn’t usually buy anything or offer me a choice.  But he always appears apologetic when he has unwrapped all his gifts on Christmas day and there’s nothing from him to me.

Last year he ‘got the message’ somehow, that I needed a new pressure cooker but the one he bought was a great disappointment. It was the old-fashioned type – the sort that scare me rigid – and so I’ve never used it, apart from as a large capacity saucepan for soup. (I saw them after Christmas, ‘on offer’  (30 euros) at a  cheap store he likes to look round.) 

Anyway, while shopping with CC and Jay I saw some pretty little ‘verrines’ (small glasses for starters etc.) in town.

When we got home I told him I had found a present he could buy me. He coughed up the 29 euros and Jay bought them when he went to Charleville.

Bear said he would rather book into a hotel than spend Christmas  with us.

If only. . . . .


5 Responses to “Bear blows his top”

  1. johng Says:

    I’ll pay his hotel bill!
    Oh what a kind offer. Wish I could take you up on that one!

  2. BearNaked Says:

    Thank you for your kind get well comments on my blog.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    Bear((( )))

    Thank you and I hope you feel well enough to enjoy the festive season.

  3. Keith Says:

    Now, now, Sandy, remember that “Christmas is a time of peace and goodwill towards all men” (It doesn’t mention ‘women’ in that book though! Perhaps Bears’ read it and took note).

    He sounded like a right miserable sod to me on the phone. I don’t think I would like him as a ‘drinking friend’ down at t’pub.

    John G’s bad enough! (joke)

    With a few drinks inside him he’s a different character – quite charming. . . even jovial! All the same, I don’t think you’d want to swap johng ‘s company for Bear’s – or should i send him over?

  4. tillylil Says:

    Bah Humbug to Bear.
    Hope you all managed to enjoy it despite him.
    Does Whale moan about Bear?
    Happy New Year.

    Thanks Tracey. Actually Christmas was quiet but most enjoyable. Happy New Year to you too.

  5. canisfamiliaris Says:

    Aren’t you glad that Christmas only comes once a year????????


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