What have they done to wordpress?

Don’t know why they have changed worpress but I don’t like it. latest post is on my old blog http://sablonneuse.eponym.com/blog – can’t even do an insert now!!!


3 Responses to “What have they done to wordpress?”

  1. Little old me Says:

    it took a lot of looking at, but I have got my head round it now, it’s just as easy to use, once you have found all the buttons!

  2. Little old me Says:

    back again, I have just tried to comment on your other page, but it won’t let me, so

    Like the new fire, can you get near it or do the cats get there first. ha ha

    nice to see you back.

  3. sablonneuse Says:

    Unfortunately Parsley jumped on top of it – and off again very quickly. She was most indignant and shaking her paw but there doesn’t seem to be any real damage.
    As for wordpress, how do you get rid of all the windows that cover the ‘writing space’?

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