It was obvious Willow was boredwpb as she had emptied the wastepaper basket and strewn the contents all over the bedroom floor.

She lay there looking at me as if to say,

“What are you going to do about it then?”

So I decided it was time to introduce her to a new plaything – SNOW. sniff

She was a bit wary at first, and preferred to run up and down the (snowfree) path but curiousity got the better of her and she enjoyed exploring the garden in it’s new white dressing.

I made snowballs and she patted them about with her paws but the camera batteries ran out before I could take any more pictures.

My daughter thought I was completely mad but I made a ‘snowcat’ for our litle family of felines. snowcat1

15 Responses to “Snowcat”

  1. zuleme Says:

    Hi Sandy,
    We’re having our first snow here today. But my little snow cat is snuggled up next to me under her blanket.

    Yes, I think all of ours prefer to curl up in the warm in this weather.

  2. BearNaked Says:

    I think that is adorable and no you are not completely mad at all.

    Bear((( )))

    Oh alright then, just a little bit mad . . . .

  3. johng Says:

    We’ve only had a dusting!
    I’ll send you some of ours. It’s still laying around.

  4. BearNaked Says:

    It’s me again.
    I changed my comments settings back to the original setting so hopefully you won’t have any more problems.

    Bear((( )))

    Thank you. The other setting always works better for me.

  5. tillylil Says:

    Aren’t all cat lovers daft?
    Our cat likes fishing out used tissues from the bin but godness knows why.
    A snow cat doesn’t take as much snow as a snow man.
    Snow came on Sun and all gone by Mon!

    My snowcat didn’t take long to make either, but it’s a long time since we had enough ‘stick together’ snow to do anything so I enjoyed a chance to go back to ‘second childhood’.

  6. guyana gyal Says:

    The beauty of having a pet is that you can PLAY with them as happily as you want to. Go on, have fun.

    Just one pet would probably want to play with me more but I think they all appreciate having other cats to chase about with.

  7. Little old me Says:

    Our cats used to love to play in the snow

    I do worry about them getting cold paws though. . . .

  8. canisfamiliaris Says:

    Beattie just ran round and round the garden last Sunday. Only the second time she has seen snow!


    Did you play snowballs with her?

  9. Pat Says:

    Well yes you are a bit mad – but it’s the sort of madness that helps make the world go round. Welcome to my world:)
    I wonder if cats can get snow blind and frost bite?

    Well, if cats can get sunburn i suppose they might get frostbite as well.

  10. Susie Vereker Says:

    I think it’s your birthday around now – so many happy returns! (hope I have got that right)

    Thank you Susie. It means I have read your book and thoroughly enjoyed it.

  11. Sophie Says:

    re: your comment
    nooooo there is always plenty of time to cuddle and play with mister Chaddy!!!
    Just bought him a tunnel from Pets at home and he absolutely adores it!
    He seems to be having some vegetarian “inclinaisons” at the moment: he has really been really into vegetable couscous and spinach pasta and houmous recently!!
    Chaddy sends paw cuddles to your minous, he is lying on his back under the radiator and seems to be saying “can life get any better?”

    So pleased life is good for everyone. All our felines send purrs to Chaddy.

  12. Keith Says:

    A “snowcat”? Now I’ve seen it all.

    OK so I’m a bit ‘folle’ n’est-ce pas?

  13. Little old me Says:

    Sandy you haven’t turned your snow on

  14. Susie Vereker Says:

    The snowcat – how lovely. But are you OK?

  15. Little old me Says:

    Sandy where are you, missing you. Hope all is well

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