News in Brief

The plumber finally came to see why the radiators weren’t working properly. I’d tried bleeding them but there didn’t seem to be any trapped air. His verdict was that because I’d left them in the ‘off’ position they were stuck like that. A few bangs with his hammer sorted out the problem and now the cats are vying for position once again.

The estimate for re-installing the fireplace came to almost 2000 euros. We are looking into the possibility of a freestanding woodstove costing less than 1000 but are waiting for an artisan to let us know the price for sipplying and fitting a stainless steel chimney lining.

Invitations have arrived for the two seasonal meals: the Maire and Council’s ‘do’ is on December 7th – the day before Bear is due to have his cataract operation so the doctor has told him to stop the alcohol after the champagne and drink water during the rest of the afternoon.

The ‘Club’ meal is on December 16th. It costs 18 euros a head this year but will be well worth it.

Hallowe’en was a bit rainy last night but it didn’t prevent about a dozen youngsters from dressing up and ‘trick or treating’. Last year I bought a supply of sweets that appeal to children rather than adults and there were lots left over. This year I bought mini chocolate bars – Mars, Lion, Twix and Kitkat. I put them in a wooden box and challenged the callers  to ‘Open the coffin’. It was lovely to watch their expressions change from slightly anxious curiosity to delight. Everyone had at least two each but there are still lots left to ruin our diets.

Bear has bought me a new vacuum cleaner as the old Oreck we brought over has finally given up the ghost. He confused supermarkets and insisted that we had a 69 euro model from Carrefour. I tried to tell him that the one we had seen on offer was from Cora and wouldn’t be available until the next day.

He got really ratty and said if I didn’t have that one he would never buy me anything else – ever.

I ignored him, plonked the vacuum cleaner back on the shelf and finished the shopping.

Back home he found the Cora leaflet and sort of apologised.

The next day we went to Cora and bought the one on offer. It was 59 euros, bagless and I’m very pleased with it. But Claudine and I had to smile when we saw Bear’s method of storing it.

Next week we’ll be pretty busy looking after our gardening guests so there may not be time to post.

However, I’ll let you know all about it later.

7 Responses to “News in Brief”

  1. tillylil Says:

    have a lovely time with Pete and Penny.
    Bear doesn’t buy you things any way so that was no threat.
    Glad you stuck to your guns and got what you wanted.

  2. Susie Vereker Says:

    Good hoover store!

  3. BearNaked Says:

    Our Halloween night was the perfect weather and temperature.
    I always feel so bad for the little ones if it is raining or cold.
    We had quite a few trick or treaters here but not as many as last year so I still have some candy left.
    I am going to TRY to not finish it but sometimes my willpower is just not strong enough.
    I seemed to have reached a plateau with my weight loss, so will have to try burning some extra calories if I want to reach my goal.
    Bear((( )))

  4. canisfamiliaris Says:

    Have a great time with Pete and Penny. Give Pete the thistliest patch of thistles to dig up – he needs the exercise!!

    derek x

  5. Pat Says:

    Nothing like a new vac to make life a little easier. It looks quite light weight which – increasingly – I find a consideration.

  6. Keith Says:

    “. . . as the old Oreck we brought over. . .” Don’t you mean “the old Wreck we brought over”?

    Unless you were referring to Bear of course.

    Sorry, couldn’t resist that!

    Well, I’m glad to hear that the cats are now warm and comfortable again.

  7. meredic Says:

    Hmm you know when stuck for a fire you can do an awful lot with an old oil drum you know….
    And garden guests?? I shall check the post again …..

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