Of Cats and Clocks

Putting the clocks back at the end of October is something I always look forward to. It means that I don’t have to get up when it’s dark for another few weeks. Moreover, on a Sunday morning I can lie in till 8.45. That (should have) meant 9.45 today – bliss!

Back in England I used to keep one clock at GMT – just for the hell of it – and visitors were often confused after wining and dining  and having a coffee and digestive in the lounge sitting opposite my rogue timepiece.

In France, of course, GMT doesn’t exist. We are always an hour ahead, but at least the hour changes on the same days now. Years ago there were usually a few days of total confusion when ‘energy saving time’ and BST couldn’t get it together.

So this morning, there I was, snuggled in bed, relishing the thought of an extra hour.

But the cats decided otherwise.

About six o’clock I had to make a little trip to the loo and after slipping on catsick yesterday morning trying to make my way in the dark, I swirched on the light in the hall this morning.

Big mistake: Holly decided it was time to get up and followed me back to the bedroom to be let out of the window.

The other felines appeared to be comfortably settled so I curled up in bed myself.

After a few minutes Toby started to pat me on the cheek, gently at first, but then his claws came out. Turning over just meant he came to attack the other side so I got out of bed and let him out as well.

This was a cue for the others to wake up and start playing, chasing each other over and under the bed and pouncing on any hand or foot that happened to move.

Enough was enough.

It was nearly 8 o’clock.  I got up.

8 Responses to “Of Cats and Clocks”

  1. BearNaked Says:

    That sound like you had a *cat*trostophe!!!

    Bear((( )))

    If you mean slipping on the catsick – yes it was a nasty shock. I landed on my behind but my ‘poorly’ knee was bent further than it should have been and was quite tender for the whole weekend.

  2. Little old me Says:

    But you love’em’ Hubby was woken by the kitten Saturday morning and it’s not even ours, she just pops in and out.

    Of course we love them and wouldn’t be without them for the world.

  3. Keith Says:

    Get your own back. Wait until they settle down for their afternoon “power nap” then put the radio on, LOUD! Or keep brushing past where they are sleeping, coughing and sneezing loudly.

    My favourite trick was to accidently on purpose drop a large tin tray in their vicinity, or shout “Woof! Woof!”.

    Oooh Keith, you are naughty but I bet any cat worth the feline label would know how to retaliate sooner or later.

  4. guyana gyal Says:

    Haha, I like Keith’s suggestion.

    G G 🙂

  5. Almost American Says:

    My DH commented that it felt like the clocks should have changed last weekend, but here in the US they don’t change till next week.

    I hadn’t realised the clock changed in America too. I hope all the time zones change at the same time!!

  6. Sophie Says:

    haha! Chad did exactly the same thing two days ago, he woke me up by pushing my hand with his paw first claws in then claws out!!! I think he wanted a second helping of breakfast but I don’t really know whether I should give in these days as he seems to refuse to eat his usual biscuits and have treats and breakast all day instead!!

    Hope that’s not because he realised that there are biscuits available all day long in our house. I wouldn’t like to think that our cats taught him bad habits!

  7. Pat Says:

    Confusion reigned totally here as our French family arrived the night it all changed and it took us days to get back on an even keel. Now they are back in France.

    Hope you have recovered now, Pat.

  8. canisfamiliaris Says:

    Re. the extra hour. We were off to the Lakes on that day and even though we had an extra hour we did not leave any earlier despite getting up an hour earlier (as we did not alter our clocks) I said I would have my extra hour in the Lake District, but I lost it taking too long to get ready!!

    derek x

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