If the World could Vote

Almost American posted this on her blog.

All the blogs I read from the States and Canada are solidly anti McCain/Palin and I’ve seen many articles and news stories which make me feel very afraid of the possibility that the Republicans could get another term.

The “World” seems overwhelmingly in favour of Barack Obama.

How would you vote?


14 Responses to “If the World could Vote”

  1. BearNaked Says:

    If I were an American I would be voting for Barack Obama.
    I think the majority of Canadians feel the same.
    (At least I hope so.)

    Bear((( )))

    Glad to hear it! By the way I deleted the dupkicate comments. I think the blog is playing tricks again – sorry.

  2. lilalia Says:

    A recent poll in Germany came up with the fact that 74% of Germans would vote for Barack Obama. Isn’t that astonishing? I’M one of those 74% even though I am not German, but just a Canadian living in Germany, though sympathizing with their admiration of the American presidential candidate. Ah, it’s too bad we couldn’t hold the election over here.

  3. Z Says:

    So would I.

  4. Keith Says:

    I think people will vote for Obama because he is coloured, and will be the first coloured president of the USA.

    It is much the same thing that happened here when Margaret Thatcher led the Tories. People voted for her, not because of her policies, but because she would be the first woman Prime Minister of this country.

    It was a novelty. Something new to show the world that we could be radical, and look where it got us!

    If it had been Dennis Thatcher leading the Tories then I don’t think they would have got in. If the Republicans had nominated a white man as their leader, I don’t think they would have stood a chance.

    It’s another way of making sure you always win. “Do something unusual; make people sit up and take notice!” my old dad used to say (silly old bugger!)

    End of Grump!

  5. sablonneuse Says:

    Lia: Considering the overwhelming support for Obama outside America I’m amazed the American people don’t feel the same. OK, he’s ahead in the polls but not to the extent that a victory is assured.

    z: 😉

    Keith: there still seems to be alot of racism in parts of America. There have been reports of people saying openly that they wouldn’t vote for Obama because he’s black, and some say they think he’s a Muslim and therefore they wouldn’t vote for him! There’s also the possibility that the polls are skewed because people don’t want to admit they are racist. If a large number of citizens cast their vote for racist reasons rather than policies ,heaven help America – and the world!

  6. Sophie Says:

    I would vote for Obama.
    The only thing that worries me if that people seriously get bored of seeing him in the press and don’t end up going to vote because they think it’s obvious it’s going to win.
    This is what happened in France with the famous (awful) Le Pen vs Chirac final… all the “gens de gauche” were sure Jospin was voted for by the others so they didn’t bother…

    Yes I remember that all my friends were sick at being forced to vote against their principles to prevent Le Pen getting in!

  7. canisfamiliaris Says:

    Have to admit, I couldn’t give a t*ss who wins! I just wish that GB would have the guts to go to the polls asap!!


    Gordon Clown should have had the guts to call an election as soon as Blair stepped down. He’s probably revelling in the economic crisis because it takes the heat off him.

  8. Pat Says:

    Since you ask Obama. Not Keith – because he’s black. However I try to keep out of American politics as I don’t feel I know enough about them. I do remember the excitement and hope abroad when Jack Kennedy was a candidate and it’s like a re-run.

    It’s true that it shouldn’t really be any of our business but after the way we were all affected by Bush’s dealings I think we are justified in being concerned about who replaces him. However, as you say, we don’t really know enough about the candidates. I hope Americans do know and understand the policies of each side and that they vote intelligently – not because of race or religion!

  9. zuleme Says:

    Us cats are all voting Obama here.

    What a shame all the felines don’t have the right to cast their vote. If all the cats in America voted for Obama he’d win with a landslide!

  10. tillylil Says:

    Well, whether we like it or not we are hugely affected by America’s politics.
    Definitely Obama, not because he is black, but because his policies seem to be more socialist and talk about more about health and education.
    I am not sure that many white middle class Americans are really ready for a black president as there is still a lot of racism in America. We shall wait and see.

  11. Almost American Says:

    I live in a community that is untypical of the US in many ways, but I know that when people here talk about Obama, his race is not significant enough to be mentioned. There are far more important differences between him and McCain.

    Unfortunately, there are MANY people in the US who cannot see beyond his colour 😦

  12. sablonneuse Says:

    Tillylill and AA: you’d think that in this day and age race shouldn’t make any difference at all. Not long to wait now to see who the American people have chosen.

  13. paul Says:

    America was founded as a capitalist country, and I would like to see it stay that way. I would never vote for a socialist no matter what his/her race, religion, or sexual orientation! Reports of racism have been overblown. Race was never mentioned until BO began bringing it up in premptive defence statements.

    Hello Paul. Welcome and thanks for your comment. It’s interesting to hear another point of view but I’m surprised you think Barack Obama would do away with the capitalist system. I don’t think any European party, however far to the left, would think of doing that! On the other hand, they might try to make wealth a little fairer.

  14. Hal Says:

    I am an American, and my vote will go to Obama. However, I live in a state that is, well weird for lack of a better word. In the north is Cleveland, likely a Democratic area. In the South Cincinnati, white German and bigoted. Ohio must be a microcosm of the US; we are so diverse and splintered here. This may be the time Obama wins Ohio, but I seriously doubt it.

    I can tell you this without bias. The Republicans will stop at nothing to win. Both sides lie, but the Republicans perpetrate the big lies – Obama is Muslim, doesn’t have a US birth certificate, and eats babies.

    If Obama should lose, I’m terrified of having a 72 year old man and a Wal-mart woman running the country. We may be doomed.

    Race, without a doubt plays a major role in this contest. Bigotry is the US is alive and well, and will be the deciding factor with many people I personally know.

    I don’t know much about German’s in Germany, but German’s in Cincinnati are among the most hateful, race conscious people I know.

    Of course those with money are supporting McCain. They still see the Democrats as tax and spend, even though as far as that aspect goes, there isn’t much difference between either party.

    One thing we all seem to have in common – we will be glad to see this finished. It is time to get back to our regular programming. We are inundated with TMI about the entire process.

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