All through the Summer our garden was a complete disaster and the front of the house was a disgrace.

We had planted some beans and peas but they were completely overrun with weeds. The strawberries were pretty awful due to too much rain, the slugs ate the cabbages, carrot tops and lettuces and the beetroot and parsnips tasted rather odd – perhaps because my ‘raised beds’ were made from treated wood.

During the few days of relatively warm and rainfree weather last week CC and I made an effort to tidy up a bit.

The front of the house is not really a garden but most people try to cheer up their facades all year round so I don’t want to let the side down. We cleared the weeds as best we could (weedkiller is not a good idea because of the well) and then we planted coloured heather and pansies in pots.

The plants either side are heucheras.

I don’t know what the little green plants are called.

CC is horrified at the brightly coloured (dyed) heather but I think it cheers the place up.

In the back garden we worked on the bed that was such a disappointment last year. We put in lots of plants in the Autumn but hardly anything grew except weeds.

I dug it over again and sowed a herb garden, but once again, the weeds took over leaving just one plant worth saving. The problem is, I have no idea what it is.

The seeds smell a bit like lavender and the leaves have a scent similar to tarragon.

Can anyone identify it please?

In an attempt to prevent the weeds spoiling everything again we have buried a few pots to plant herbs in and covered the soil with little rocks.

One hellebore and a rose bush remain and I’ve put in two rosemary ‘bushes’.

For some reason rosemary doesn’t do well here. I’ve just had to dig up the remains of my third bush because it died, so there’s one at each end of this herb garden in the hope that at least one will survive.


There were similar problems with blueberry bushes. I made two attempts at planting them near the fence but they disappeared – perhaps because people mowed over them when cutting the grass.

Two years ago I planted a couple in pots and they did well so last year I added two more. This week I bought four more and put them in smaller pots in between the established ones. Now it’s fingers crossed I may have enough ‘myrtilles’ to make a crumble – or even some jam!


Early in November a former colleague of mine (a retired sports teacher) is coming over for a week to do some gardening in return for a holiday.  His wife wants to practise her French so everyone should benefit.

I’ll post some photos when it’s finished but I don’t think it will ever compete with Johng’s or Pat’s  beautifully kept gardens.


4 Responses to “Gardening”

  1. tillylil Says:

    Bet the cats love it!
    Give my regards to Pete and Penny.
    hope the weather stays fine so that he can garden from dawn til dusk.
    Clocks go back here on Sat so will be dark at 5.00pm.
    I hate winter.

    clocks change here too so I’m looking forward to it being lighter again when it’s time to get up. I’m hoping Pete and Penny will have time to relax as well!

  2. BearNaked Says:

    That is too funny about mowing over your blueberry bushes because we did the exact same thing.
    I have no idea what that herb is, sorry can’t help you out there.

    Bear((( )))

    Sorry about your blueberry bushes suffering the same fate as mine. I’m kicking myself for not remembering the seeds I planted. My best hope is to wait for the seed catalogue to arrive and hope I’ll recognise it!

  3. guyana gyal Says:

    Our garden is too wild to tame, and the cat [not ours] is busy scratching in a plot as I type.

    Keep at it Sab, you have some pretty flowers there, never mind what they’re called, you can give them your own names. Clara. Lulubelle, that type of thing.

    I don’t usually worry too much about plant names but I think this one is a herb (after all, I did sow loads of herb seeds) so I may be able to use it for cooking – but I’m not sure.

  4. canisfamiliaris Says:

    Pete will sort you out, Sandy (the old devil!!!)

    derek x

    Penny has just emailed to ask what needs doing. I hope I havem’t put them off!

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