Happy Cats

The fence is finally finished! After nearly two weeks of non-stop rain, yesterday we spent the afternoon n the garden putting the finishing touches to the fence.

Here’s my idea for the corners: a triangle of netting placed over the top and tied in place. Otherwise the top of the fence curves over about a foot – hopefully enough to prevent escape. Unfortunately the men ordered wooden poles so, although they’ll make good scratching posts, there’s a danger the cats will try to climb them.

The awkward bank where Parsley loved to get through to the neighbours has been pretty well catproofed – much to her disgust. She has tried to climb up it without success (so far!) but she got her own back by managing to jump onto the conservatory roof. We’re not sure how she did it but we have put more netting up over the shed. CC and I deserve a bravery award for doing this because there was a HUGE wasp spider watching us from the shed door. The other danger area is the hazlenut tree which is quite close to the fence. We’ve put a wider piece of fencing in place here.

Thanks to advice from Zuleme of Caturday I went round putting in large staples to fix the fence to the ground. This was easier said than done because there were lots of rocks in places and in other parts they went in far too easily which means that the cats could probably pull them out. So regular intervals had to be abandoned in favour of safe holding places. 

So, what did the cats think of their rediscovered freedom?  Well, they all had a good sniff round the perimeter and then Parsley and the twins sat on the wall to think about it.

“Why can’t we get through the hole in the wall?”

“Who’s been doing this in our garden?”

“Why is there a barrier where we used to jump over?”

Meanwhile Willow had her first ever play in the garden. At first she went up and down the steps, sometimes putting her nose inside the door to make sure her route home was still there, but soon she was racing round the bank like a mad thing, leaping over the other cats  and thoroughly enjoying herself.

She sniffed all the plants and tasted the grass, climbed over the flower pots and had a really good time exploring.



It looks as though Willow is going to make the most of her new playground.



11 Responses to “Happy Cats”

  1. Richard Says:

    Gosh Sandy, you have been busy. the lengths you have to go to for these cats! Ours have just started venturing outside now – no way we can fence them in unfortunately so we’re just hoping that they will keep remembering where the food is and come home.

    Our cats weren’t fenced in in England but the house was well back from the road and there were fields behind where they could hunt and play to their heart’s content. Even so, Toby had a couple of brushes with a vehicle when he crossed the road to go ratting at the farm! Here I’m really worried because several cats have been poisoned deliberately in the village and I know cats are not terribly popular – and people have guns . . . . .and it’s the hunting season.

  2. Zuleme Says:

    Hi Sandy,
    Looks good, keep an eye on them in the beginning and check that those staples really hold the fence down to the ground. I hope the bottom of the fence is facing in. You can also put rocks on it or long pieces of wood. We left enough on the ground so we could really stake it.

    We do a fence check every morning for rodent or bear damage. There was a hole chewed a while ago and Harper was going through it and sitting on the other side. I flipped out and then saw where he went through. Now I check for chewed holes. You probably don’t have the wildlife we do though.

    I love my fence and the peace of mind it gives me and the cats just love being out all day long. At 5:30 I whistle for them and they run in for dinner and a long nap. But if I make them come in too early they let me know they are not happy about it. I think they can tell time.
    Your cats should get used to it and start accepting the boundaries of their territory. Ramona listens to the cars going by on the road above us and I think she is happy the fence keeps them out. She has also seen dogs on the other side. At night they know there are bears and raccoons out there and sometimes we have heard coyotes.
    I think cats love security and sameness, every day the same thing. Brendan used to say “Lord let all my days be normal.”

  3. Zuleme Says:

    ps, I like your corner solution and the way the top hangs over should stop them even if they climb a post. Our posts are either steel or trees. For the trees, I have fencing making a barrier at the top but neither cat has tried to climb them.

    Thanks for all your advice and comments. I’m not yet able to relax completely since Parsley managed to get on the conservatory roof and I could only guess how she did it. Before the fence was installed she always used the window in the shed but that was blocked off and I had to unblock it for her to get back. So obviously she couldn’t get down the same way she got up. My family think I’m paranoid. I probably am!

  4. Little old me Says:

    What a playground they have now

  5. Susie Vereker Says:

    Well, that’s interesting. I didn’t know you could fence in cats. (Also liked the kissing post – always a problem!)

  6. Sophie Says:

    Aww that will be very good for them! I bet they’ll love it!
    Chad has started exploring the back yard and he seems to like it so far although we must definitely buy more plants etc so he can hide and play.
    Just finished reading “make your cat happy” and they were talking about which plants are ok for cats to be around: bamboo and chlorophytum are ok but ivy is a no-no apparently… hope Chad doesn’t find any ivy in the neighbours’s garden!!!

    Oh dear, there is some ivy in our garden. Let’s hope the cats prefer to chew on safer plants. Thanks to the better weather they all played out until 3.30 today and then came in looking for an early tea.
    Glad to hear Chaddy is getting used to his new home.

  7. Pat Says:

    Now I’ve seen everything : a cat’s Colditz!

  8. johng Says:

    Where are the machine gun towers?

  9. sablonneuse Says:

    Helen and Susie: I’m not 100% sure that they will remain within their boundaries but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

    Pat and Johng: OK I suppose it does look like a prison camp but it’s for their own protection – not to mention my peace of mind!

  10. canisfamiliaris Says:

    Now I’ve seen everything : a cat’s Colditz!

    …and remember, Sandy

    Colditz wasn’t prisoner proof!!!


    Now I’ll have to keep watch for cats carrying shovels to dig tunnels . . . .

  11. tillylil Says:

    All that trouble and expense. You must love your cats very much.
    How about a Whale and Bear proof pen next!

    Now there’s an idea!

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