Wow, is it really over ten days since my last post?

Unfortunately I haven’t anything exciting to report but as LOM was kind enough to miss me I’ll give yu a brief update.

The new member of the family, Willow, is settling in very well. We’ve never met such a self-confident little cat. She’s not afraid of the others – except for Holly  – and is now chasing them round the house when she wants to play. She’ll try eating anything; for example she sampled toasted waffles dipped in hot chocolate this morning! We are so pleased she came to live with us.

The cat-fence is progressing s l o w l y. We found a neighbour and his friend to undertake the job and, so far, since Monday 15th September they have put in four morning’s work. It’s amazing how many funerals Sylvain has had to attend and Thierry has lots of Doctors’ appointments. With a half erected fence I’m really worried about letting the cats out at all. Last week Holly was really upset because she had gone next door (to the left), come back over the roof and then found a high fence where she used to be able to jump over (from the right) She mewed pitifully and we cajoled for the best part of an hour before she finally took a gigantic leap, clawed her way up the wooden post on the neighbour’s side and jumped down into our garden.

The fence is now three quarters of the way round the garden with just the ‘tricky’ bit on the slope to finish. Hopefully the cats will be able to play out by this weekend. . . . . .

Apart from that the tme has been taken up with doctor’s appointments for everyone with me going to all of them as interpreter. My own visits were for the weekly injections in my knee – two down and one to go next Monday. They are not too painful but the big disadvantage is that I’m supposed to ‘rest’ until the Wednesday. Huh!

Tomorrow we have been invited to a small champagne ‘house’ to see the whole production from grape picking to drinking. I’ll let you know how it goes.

11 Responses to “Update”

  1. bretonne Says:

    Hello, was wondering if you were ok – big silence!

    Yes, somehow there didn’t seem so much time to be on the computer recently.

  2. tillylil Says:

    I missed you too and wondered if every thing was ok – relieved to know it is.
    Hope the knee injections work.
    saw Pete F last week and he said he is coming to see you soon and undertake tidying your garden. I am sure you will have fun catching up.

    Yes, they’ve booked their ferry. We’re really looking forward to seeing them.

  3. Gigi Says:

    It’s funny about cats – we’ve had four and three of them left us! I think that’s because I don’t particulary like cats…until now. Our latest cat is absolutely beautiful and I love her! She’s part Siamese and is affectionate and sweet-natured and very intelligent. I never thought I’d hear myself saying I love a cat – but I do…:-)

    Thank you so much for taking the trouble to comment on my book. I really appreciate it (you had to register and everything!)

    Cats certainly get to you don’t they? As for your book – it’s super. Is it going to be published as a ‘real book’ soon?

  4. sandy Says:

    my cat looks just like that and is named Kissipurr. Of couse link away sandy

  5. sandy Says:

    I have a cat fence 11by 14 like a gaint aviary with vines and toys in the wiring

    So far our fence doesn’t have a ‘roof’ but I’ve a feeling we may have to cover the top in places to prevent the two most adventurous from doing a ‘Houdini’.

  6. BearNaked Says:

    Glad to hear all is well with your family and your extended cat family.
    Lucky Willow, toasteed waffles with hot chocolate. YUMMY!
    Anything like that sounds so good to me on this diet.
    But it is paying off, 8.2 pounds less since the middle of July.
    And yes I am counting each .10 pound. LOL

    Bear((( )))

    Well done you! I haven’t been paying too much attention to diet recently and haven’t even weighed myself. So you’ll be buying a new wardrobe in a smaller size soon?

  7. Little old me Says:

    Yea, glad to see you back

    Thanks very much. xx

  8. Richard Says:

    HI Sandy. I know what it’s like. Sometimes time just passes you by without noticing it! Good to hear all’s well though and looking forward to hearing about the champagne trip!

    You’re right, time flies. The only problem is when you look back at the past fortnight and can’t really see anything to show for it! I seemed to be busy doing nothing. . . .

  9. Zuleme Says:

    Hi Sandy,
    I haven’y been blogging much lately either, September is just too beautiful here and we have been working a lot. When I get time off I want to be outside enjoying it. How big will your fenced in area be? When you get it up be sure to watch the cats to see if they find a way out. Remember you have to stake it down very well. We had an animal, probably a raccoon chew a hole in ours and didn’t find it until we saw Harper sitting outside the fence in the woods. Now I check for chewed spots every morning but it’s been fine since.

    Hi Zuleme, the fenced area is about 40 metres by 15 metres but it’s not all straightforward. Also, despite talking about metal posts Sylvain went and bought wooden ones. This means that I’m going to have to put some more netting over the top in a kind of arch to prevent then from getting over the top. We have ordered some large staple type things to pin down the bottom of the fence. Fortunately there is plenty of fencing left so we’ll be able to replace worn bits if necessary.

  10. Pat Says:

    Knees can be very painful – I hope the injections help and just tell everybody you HAVE to rest. See you when I get back.xox

    Thanks Pat, enjoy your break. xx

  11. canisfamiliaris Says:

    ‘Tomorrow we have been invited to a small champagne ‘house’ to see the whole production from grape picking to drinking. I’ll let you know how it goes.’ …

    … but will you be capable, Sandy?????


    Suffice to say that I pressed the wrong ‘button’ and lost part 2 . . . . .

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