Award – again!

Many thanks to Little Old Me for this award. 

I love all the blogs on my sidebar but, if I can only pass this on to three people then it’s going to be:

z in Norfolk because she manages to take ordinary, everyday incidents and make them into interesting and amusing posts. She has the knack of reminding you of your own past, or likes and dislikes and so is a great source of food for thought.

Canisfamiliaris – a most enjoyable diary about training an adorable Bedlington terrier called Beattie. She has completely transformed her owner’s life and it is a real pleasure to read about their adventures together.  They often go walking in the Lake District and Beattie is clocking up a goodly number of Wainwright’s walks. However, the latest post is on a different subject which strikes dangerously close to home in my present state of health!!

Lorraine at Meandthecat  – because, despite the title of her blog she has only recently acquired an actual cat: a lively little number called Snickers who is obviously going to be thoroughly spoiled (as all cats should be).

And I’m going to squeeze in one more ‘Cat’ award to Caturday because this blog is packed full of photos and stories about ‘rescued’ cats who go and live in the cat hotel until they find new homes. If I lived nearer you can bet  I’d have 77 cats instead of just seven – so it’s probably a good thing that all those loveable, furry felines are inaccessible to me.


8 Responses to “Award – again!”

  1. Z Says:

    Oh Sandy darling, thank you so much. I will wear it with pride!

  2. Zuleme Says:

    Merci, Sandy, I’ll try to get around to putting it on the blog. I’ve been busy with work and vegetables and have a long post about Ramona’s hard work in the territory with about 20 photos that I haven’t out up yet.
    And there are kittens waiting at the shelter for their photos, including one of the smallest I have ever seen. They all had colds so I couldn’t go near them last time.

  3. Zuleme Says:

    and…good luck with the fence, it should not be too difficult to put up if you have metal posts to tie it to. And remember to stake it down very thoroughly, about every six to eight inches. Then spend some time outside with your most adventureous cat to see if they find a hole. If you tie it to any trees then you should make a barrier so the cats cannot climb a tree.
    Harper found a hole made by a raccoon a few days ago. I looked for him and found him sitting on the other side of the fence looking at me. I went out the gate to get him and when I got there, he was back on the inside. I fixed the hole with extra fencing. We check it every morning but we have lots of wildlife.
    And do post photos when you are done. Too bad we’re not in France, we’d come over and put it up for you.

    Thanks for your advice. Two chaps cleared the overgrown weeds round the border this morning and tomorrow their coming to measure up before we go and buy all the necessary poles and fittings. They seem to know what they’re doing so I’m keeping my fingers crossed as discussing the fine details of fencing in French is a bit difficult for me!

  4. Pat Says:

    I have been with cats on my trip and am finding them quite fascinating. However I was a little miffed when my son kissed Sid (his favourite cat) just before he kissed me goodbye!

    Cats are certainly fascinating creatures. Don’t be upset about your son kissing Sid. When our doctor suggested that Bear must choose between sleepng with the cats or me (because I’m allergic to cats) he chose the cats!

  5. canisfamiliaris Says:


    Thank you so much for my award. It is now proudly displayed on my website. Thanks for reading and commenting.

    ps Hope my last article didn’t upset you too much. It wasn’t meant to offend!

    derek x

    No offence taken, Derek. It just reminded me that because of a serious of mostly age related health problems I’m not getting any younger!!

  6. Lorraine Says:

    Ahem? — Sandy I just wanted to tell you I acquired Snickers so recently because my “Rambo” went on to his reward in Kitty Heaven a couple of years ago. Apartment living is not the best place to have more pets, as I did when I had, like, an actual, real house with a fenced-in yard, blah blah.

    I want very badly to have just one more cat, mainly to keep Snickers from bugging *me* constantly to play with her. The old scrooges who own the apt. building in which I live only allow one pet per resident. How cruel and callous is THAT???

  7. Lorraine Says:

    I just arrived back home and noticed you had penned a little note for me to “pick up my award” — OK, where the heck is it??

  8. Little old me Says:

    Where are you Sandy?

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