Helping hand

Most people regard me as paranoid over our family of cats in that I won’t let them out of the front door and even their forays into the back garden are ‘rationed’ because I get worried that they may stray towards the road via the neighbouring gardens or, worse, fall victim to poisoning.

After months of poring over the internet I tracked down some deer fencing and ordered it from England and it is now sitting  – or rather standing – in the hallway waiting for someone to erect it.

But who can we find to do it? Bear is certainly not capable: Jay is not at all practical and wouldn’t have a clue where to start: Pascal is not reliable and it could take weeks: but no-one seems to be able to recommend a good handyman.

My neighbour asked two chaps in the village but one was off on holiday and the other ‘didn’t have time’. However, he did say he knew someone who could do it and was looking for jobs. The problem is he lives some way away. All the same, he  offered to bring this man round to see us but  didn’t say when. It appears they turned up unannounced at five o’clock today when Bear and I had slipped out to the market in the next village. CC and Jay were upstairs and didn’t hear the bell! I have asked them to give a ring next time to make sure we’re home.

Then there was the problem of finding a home hairdresser. We thought we were settled with young Marie who set up in business last year. She would come and cut or colour my hair and trim the men’s every so often and we were all quite happy with her.

Last week when I rang for an appointment she didn’t reply to the message as usual so I rang again the next day. That evening she rang back,

“I’m not doing home hairdressing any more. I’m on trial at a salon in town.”

Fair enough, but she might have forewarned her ‘regular’ customers. She didn’t even bother to say sorry that she couldn’t come any more. I learned from Yvette that she had stopped because she had had problems with certain male clients, other people had dirty homes and the final straw was a woman who lived 20 kilometres away and Marie arrived to find that she only wanted a blow-dry for which she paid 10 euros.

However, the ‘trial’ at the salon may not be such a wonderful idea as it seems she is expected to work 10 hours without pay and then wait on their decision.

All the same, I badly needed a haircut but didn’t feel inclined to return to the local salon after deserting it in favour of Marie. It meant looking through the Pages Jaunes (Yellow Pages) to find the nearest Coiffeuse a Domicile.

A young voice answered and the appoinment was made for this afternoon.

Virginie turned up with a small bag of equipment and a handbag bedecked with three badges stating “I love boys”, “I love drugs” and “I love beer”. As I greeted her I noticed she had a ring though her lip and another in her nose.

My first impressions were unfair because she cut my hair very well and even Bear said he felt ‘comfortable’ with his trim. In fact, she  cut round his ears better than Marie did AND she bravely tackled the long hairs inside his ears.

It transpired that she had moved from the village named in the telephone directory and she had actually come from Sedan – about 25 minutes away – but she didn’t seem to mind and she charged less than Marie.

Let’s hope we can keep this hairdresser.

If we could also find a reliable handyman, that would be the icing on the cake.


5 Responses to “Helping hand”

  1. BearNaked Says:

    Isn’t it funny how first impressions of a person’s appearance are wrong at times? So glad to hear that you were satisfied with your new hairdressers’ services.
    Here in my home town we have many handymen listed in our Yellow Pages. Are there not any listed where you live?
    I am very fortunate that my husband is my handyman even though at times his obsession for doing a perfect job does drive me crazy.
    There are so many times that I have said, “Yes dear that looks wonderful” when in my mind I am saying, “Just finish the job–NOW!)

    Bear((( )))

    Yes, there are adverts for handymen in the local paper and the yellow pages but I was ripped off after answering one of these ads when I first came here and so decided I’d only take on someone on personal recommendation. Even that isn’t foolproof though!
    Glad to hear your husband is good at doing the jobs around the house. Mine thinks he is but, in fact, he’s a disaster!

  2. tillylil Says:

    You will feel much less anxious when the fencing is erected and the cats will be able to explore the outside world again.

    Very true, but I’m beginning to think people don’t like the idea of putting up fencing round here.

  3. Sophie Says:

    RE: your comment
    I am pretty sure there must have been a global anti RSPB protest for cats as Chris’s sister’s cat in Canada has just come back after a fortnight God knows where too!!!!
    Did any of your minous attend? ;)!!

    No, they’re not allowed out that long – yet.

  4. canisfamiliaris Says:

    My experience with deer fencing in the Lake District is that the ‘holes’ are more than cat-sized. Won’t your pussies escape through the fence??

    This fencing has 50 mm square holes. It is 1.80m high and made of plastic (with a 10 year guarantee). Zuleme from Caturday recommended it and has used it to enclose their land for the cats to play in safely.

  5. guyana gyal Says:

    I wish I can send our sometimes gardener / handyman, the one I write about, Fazal…he’d put up that fence for you in no time plus entertain you, and he’s polite.

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