Lucky Seven?

It seemed like an ordinary day until the phone rang. It was a friend of CC’s.

She wondered if we’d be prepared to take on another cat as a friend of her’s was going to Paris and wasn’t allowed to take her kitten.

I could hear the girl crying in the background. She was very upset about parting from her little furry friend. And she was leaving today.

OK, so I know I’d said never again, six were enough etc. etc. but how could anyone say no?

“Yes, alright, we’ll come over this afternoon and pick her up.”

So after lunch Jay took me into town and we went to see the new family member. I hadn’t asked whether she was male or female, or what colour. All I knew was that she was four months old.

Jay and I fell in love with her at first sight. She was still in her catbasket as CC’s friend is a bit scared of cats, and she was indignantly trying to get out.

She was far prettier than I’d hoped and she was tabby – my favourite!

Of course, we released her and had a cuddle before bringing her home.

She’s a feisty little thing. All the other cats have come up to sniff curiously but she spits back at them, despite her size. She has her own litter tray and won’t let any of the others near it. She has eaten some cold turkey, some cheese and pinched some fish from Bear’s plate. Now she’s tucking into her ‘proper’ food.

I get the impression she feels at home already but we’ll have to make sure the other cats get extra attention so their noses aren’t put out of joint.

Her name was Sissy but I think she’s going to be called Willow now.



7 Responses to “Lucky Seven?”

  1. tillylil Says:

    My favourites are Tabbys.
    Has she been spayed – otherwise you may have a few more editions.
    Saw Pete F on Monday and he said he may be coming to the Ardennes to do some gardening!

    She will be spayed in a couple of months! And yes, I hope Pete will come over.

  2. Little old me Says:

    She is sweet, keep us up-dated.

    Of course I will

  3. BearNaked Says:

    Sissy-Willow is adorable.
    Good for her standing up to her new kitty housemates.

    Bear((( )))

    Trouble is, two of the others are a bit fed up with her lording it all over the place and they’ve clipped her round the ear.

  4. canisfamiliaris Says:

    Cats are adorable – even though I have become a ‘dog person’! I know your little addition has found a good place to be!

    I think dogs are great too – and your Beattie is an absolute darling. However, in my lifestyle, seven cats are easier to look after than one dog.

  5. bretonne Says:

    You have to be the original girl-who-couldn’t-say No!
    Having said that, Smokey and his defunct sister (tabby) were cunningly dumped in the middle of the little road where I walk Solo first thing in the morning, they hadn’t even had time to wander off, so someone knew there was a brit around, and therefore absolutely bound to rescue them!

    If only I’d paid closer attention to a conversation between the chiropodist and the nurse the other day I’d have realised that he was looking for a kitten! The nurse gave me a phone number to pass on to the ‘podologue’. “Or are you going to let him have this one?” she said.
    “Didn’t you know he wanted a cat?”
    But it’s too late, I have promised the previous owner I’ll look after her and she can come and visit next time she’s in town.
    And besides, we’re smitten – even if the other cats are not convinced yet.

  6. Zuleme Says:

    ok, now I have to come visit you just to meet this one. And Willow is a far better name. I avoid names with ssss because it sounds like a hiss. And I have had bad luck with every cat I ever had with an S name. Now we do have Uncle Sid next door but I didn’t name him.
    Lucky Seven!

    It would be lovely to meet you. When are you coming over? Willow is so much more confident than our last two cats. Parsley is only now (sometimes) prepared to stay in the room with strangers and Chloe is still nervous of everyone. Toby, Holly, Mustard and Pepper are all beginning to growl back at the newcomer but I hope they will all be peacefully co-habiting when you meet them.

  7. Sophie Says:

    she is soooo cute!!!!
    Wouldn’t have been able to say no either!!

    I wonder how Chaddy would feel about her. She reminded me of him when he was here – not in the least afraid but curious. However, Chaddy was much more friendly towards the other cats. Willow is more inclined to spit and hiss.

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