This was the annual visit one of our friends to see a lung specialist in Charleville. Last year she came with four others but this year there were only three of them so they shared the guest room instead of having to spill over into the local hotel.

They arrived on Sunday, too late for lunch so we just had a snack (with wine!) and I cooked an early dinner. Everyone was excitable and chatty but I knew the ‘holiday’ wouldn’t begin until the doctor’s appointment on Monday was over.

E was keen to release her nervous tension with a bit of retail therapy before seeing the doc so she whisked me off to the supermarket leaving her two friends in the care of Bear. He passed the time by telling them what a hard life he had here and how terribly everyone else behaved.

Although I went along as interpreter all I can tell you about the appointment was that the doctor was absolutely wonderful and reassuring: far more helpful in one hour than the specialist she sees during the whole year in England.

So, we came home about 3.30 to celebrate and let festivities commence.

Unfortunately they had brought a huge box of red wine and a bottle of whisky. We had eaten ‘brunch’ at about 10.30 but no-one had had lunch so the nibbles I put out were not sufficient to mop up the alcohol.

By the time dinner was on the table E was feeling somewhat queasy. She went up to bed early while the rest of us finished the meal.

Day Two (Tuesday) was a Bearfree day. His daughter and family were staying in Paris and that was the only day convenient for them to meet up with him. CC and Jay took him to the station on their way to pick up a friend before they went to Brussels.

This meant that I would have to stay at home to be with Whale while the ‘girls’ hit the shops. Not that I was sorry, as clothes shopping is not really my cup of tea and my knee would not have been too happy traipsing round for long.

They were still in town when I left to fetch Bear from the station at 18.15 but they were back before we returned. The evening meal was curry, cooled off with creme brulee and mainly washed down with soft drinks (although we had had an aperitif of champagne.)

On Wednesday we went to Epernay because they wanted to visit a champagne cellar – and this deserves a post of its own.

Thursday – the final day dawned. Bear had persuaded them to delay their departure until after lunch at the local eaterie.

“Alright, but we must be on the way by 12.30” said E, the driver.

At 10.30 I went up to find them all still in their nighties, even though they had been down for cups of tea since before 8 o’clock!

Loading the car was a nightmare with many cases to arrange and two conflicting packers (one of whom was Bear!). We also had to go to the chemist to collect the medication on order from her prescription.

Somehow we made it to the restaurant at midday and they set off just half an hour after their deadline.

As soon as we drove into the garage Bear exploded in a temper ( not too sure what set him off) and then sulked until halfway through the morning.
It’s nearing lunchtime and he’s started to be pleasant. Would that have something to do with the fact that he knows I’m cooking fish and chips for lunch?

5 Responses to “Entertaining(?)”

  1. Little old me Says:

    At least Bear behaved himself while they were there. Perhapes he thinks he will miss them.

    he enjoyed the chance to bend some new ears but they put the other side to him. Doubt it did any good though!

  2. Zuleme Says:

    Hi Sandy,
    Great news about the deer fence for the cats! be sure to stake it down every six to eight inches and if you tack it to a climbable tree make a barrier with extra fencing so they can’t climb it. After a while they won’t even want to get outside the fence when they realize everything dangerous stays out. Dogs, strangers and cars.

    Yes, I’m looking forward to getting the garden secured. I’m on tenterhooks every time they go out.

  3. BearNaked Says:

    Ummm Creme Brulee.
    My favourite dessert of all.
    Sounds like it was a very busy time for you and Bear behaved until everyone had departed.

    Bear((( )))

    Mine wasn’t as good as the restaurant’s though.

  4. tillylil Says:

    Glad to hear E is doing well.

    She asked after you too.

  5. Pat Says:

    You must be exhausted. Maybe Bear is pining for them as he seems to have enjoyed them. I’m glad the medical news was good. It must take a lot of the strain off her to have a friend like you to visit.

    Yes, Bear does like them even though he has a hard time keeping up with them. The good thing about the French doctor is that he remains optimistic (because there is no cure) whereas the English specialist is all doom and gloom.

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